Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs) by Mars Shot 1

Hloo guys!! This is Mars only again to irrigate you all hihihi. U know what yesterday I counted that there are 8 stories in my hand but still starting new one # crazy me. But this idea was in my mind from many days and finally today I was not able to control from writing it. Understand my situation Yarr. Okay now I have 9 stories including this so I will post 3 stories each day. Hope so all are okay with it. BTW soon I m going to end few but which one????? I also don’t know hihi. So till now u had seen naughty swara and here I present sweet innocent Sanskari swara with her one and only husband Sanskar.
Hope so u will like it.
*Fingers cross”

Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs)
Shot 1:
Maheshwari house:
Swara’s POV:
I m swara bose ooppss no no few hours back only I turned to Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. How strange?? in the morning I was single, carefree but at night bounded with many new relations and responsibilities. Now here I m in my husband’s room which is now mine also. The room is beautifully decorated as its my first night but see I m trying to sleep bcoz Sanskar ji said I m tired and should take rest. So after changing into light saree I m lying on my bed. I liked his gestures, he is sweet(smiles). He made me feel comfortable and that is the reason I m lying beside him. Yes he is also sleeping on bed only but on the far other end and facing his back to me.
BTW let me tell about my self, I m graduate so my ma and dida fixed my marriage with sanskar ji.

I had just talked to him now.Our marriage was sudden plan as sanskar Ji will go to USA as he is living there only. He came just for some days and in this small span of time I didn’t get chance to talk to him or actually I didn’t tried to talk bcoz I m scared from him and also little shy. I don’t know how I m going to live with him bcoz we are totally opposite to each other. Our living style is also different. But no need to worry bcoz day after tomorrow he will leave to USA and will come like a guest only so I will have to face him for very less time. This thing really make me feel relief. My eyes are turning heavy and I should sleep now bcoz tomorrow I have to get up early.
Swara’s POV ends.
Soon swara also slept due to tiredness.

Next morning:
Swara got up and saw time. It’s 6am. She is habitual to get up at this time without any alarm. She yawned and stretched her arms then only her sight caught Sanskar who was sleeping peacefully. All the flashback of her marriage came in her mind and she realized that now she is married and is not at her home. Tears welled up in her hazel nut eyes as she remembered her room. Soon she composed herself and went to washroom after taking her clothes.
Later, sanskar opened his eyes and looked around and seeing the decorated room he came to know he is in India not USA.Then only he saw swara’s luggage and remembered that why he came to India and at last end up in marrying.

Sanskar’s POV:
I m sanskar maheshwari, well known businessman in USA. I m living in USA since 7 years and Hardly comes to India and that too meet my parents.
My mother’s health is not good. She got two heart attacks, I m really worried for her health issues. Last month she requested me to come and meet her and to fulfil her wish two days back I came to see her but I got biggest shock of my life that it was just my parents way to bring me here and marry me.

My mother give her swear that I should marry girl of her choice and she choosed Swara for me who is a complete stranger for me. The most funniest thing is I got to know her name also yesterday.I m really in a mess now bcoz what is my life in USA and who is there in my life my parents are not aware so they thought them self and made me marry. I tried to oppose but as I can’t give stress to my mother I unwillingly got married. I m seriously not knowing when I will go to USA and she(???)will get to know about my marriage what will happen. I think swara is innocent and soon I will come back and free her bcoz she is not for me. I know she will not be effected as I m also mere stranger for her.
Sanskar’s POV ends.

Sanskar Maheshwari: 28years old businessmen who can do anything for his profit. He is living in usa alone. Unwillingly married to Swara Bose.

He loves his parents a lot and can do anything for them. He has one hidden secret about which no one know in India.

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari: 22 years old beautiful sweet girl. She is innocent to dangerous level. She is commerce graduate. Now married to sanskar just bcoz her mother and dida wish to.
She is scared of marriage as his father left her mother for other women that’s why she thinks all are like this only. She thought never to marry but then for her mother she did.

Nikita Sharma: 25 years old beautiful girl living in USA. she is Sanskar’s………
(Will know later). She is little spoiled bcoz his father and mother pamper her a lot.

Shomi and dida:swara’s mother and nani. Love her a lot but are little scared for her future as she is very innocent.

Ram and sujata maheshwari: sanskar’s parents. Was worried for him but now satisfied bcoz he got married to such a nice girl(swara).

Shekar and janki sharma:Nikita’s parents. Shekar is rich businessman in USA. Pampers her daughter alot.

To be continued….
Sanskar went back to USA and when he went there at airport a girl came and hugged him and he also hug back hawwww.

So tell me are u interested to read further don’t forget to inform me.
Thank you
Take care.

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