Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 20

Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(SwaSan fs)
Shot 20:
Recap: swara feeling shy from sanskar? and shomi shekar swara met in the mall.

SwaSan Room:
Swara enter inside the room after making shomi sleep. She went and lie beside Sanskar on the bed. Sanskar wrap his arms around her pulling closer.
” tensed??” He asked.
” hmm I’m scared how ma will react after knowing about Nikita” swara lie on his chest comfortably.
” what about Nikita??” Sanskar asked.
” ma will be shocked to know that you were engaged to Nikita” swara signed sadly.
” nothing will happen don’t stress plz” he kiss her hairs softly.
Swara nuzzles inside his chest hugging her tightly.

Next day:
Shomi, Swara and Sanskar are sitting on the sofa. Shomi is looking at them with interrogative look as she wants to know what all happened.
” Swara tell me” she asked sternly.
” ma Nikita is shekar uncle’s daughter” swara said.

” what he was saying about sanskar?” shomi further asked.
” you know sanskar was engaged for business deal that the girl was Nikita” Swara held sanskar’s hand in assurance as he is tensed.
” but he didn’t know Nikita is my step sister” swara supported sanskar.
” that’s all past did she know about you??” Shomi asked.

” no but I was thinking to tell her bcoz she is in darkness from so many years” Swara said.
” yeah you can tell” shomi said
” okay ma plz you don’t worry” swara said.
” I’m fine but stay away from shekar” she warned both of them to which they nodded.
” let’s have breakfast” swara got up and went to kitchen.

SwaSan enter inside the office when one baby was crying badly.

” baby here??” Sanskar mumble.
They enter inside the hall and saw their employee is calming down the baby.
” miss Mary what’s happening??” Sanskar asked with stern look.
” sorry sir my baby..” She was scared from sanskar.
” its your work time so why you bought baby” sanskar said.
” no one was there at home to leave her alone” she said with fearful eyes.
” then you should live at home only forever” sanskar means to fire her.
” sanskar don’t be so rude” swara went near the baby and kiss her cheeks.
” she is so cute” swara held her small hands in her big one.
” thanks” Mary was still scared.
” don’t worry you can take care of her along with your work” swara smile.
” thank you mam” Mary signed in relief.

” my pleasure let me see who will say anything” swara narrowed her eyes at sanskar. He signed and went to his cabin while swara started playing with the baby.

Later, swara enter inside the cabin and Sanskar is completely indulge in his work. He looks very serious.
” sanskar you don’t like babies” she asked sitting on the chair in front of him.
” no” he was still busy on lappy.

” haww how rude they are so sweet” swara pouted.
” but I don’t find” he said.
” then you don’t want our babies also??” Swara suddenly asked but then stuck her tongue as she realized.
” what you said?” Sanskar raise his head and smirk.
” nothing” she roll her eyes.

Their further conversation was interpreted by john and sanskar has to leave urgently for some work.
” he don’t like babies” swara mumble and got lost in her thoughts.

Swara and Sanskar went in the park where they had called Nikita to talk to her. They are waiting for her arrival
” how will she react sanskar?” swara was little nervous.
” everything will be fine” sanskar assured her.
“Hey guys!!” Nikita came near them.
” hello Nikita” swara smile.
” why you called me here??” She asked.

” we want to tell you something” sanskar said.
” yeah say” she told.
” you know your father was already married in india ?” sanskar asked.
” no and who said??” Nikita didn’t believe.
” yes he was married and then came here and married your mother” sanskar said.
Swara was blankly staring she really don’t know how to say.
” with whom he was married??” Nikita asked.
” my mother” swara said.
” means you are my step sister??” Nikita was beyond shock.

“Yes” swara nodded her head.
” but they never told me and till now I was blaming my mother that she left me but my father is also same” Nikita was in tears till now.
” its okay” swara side hug her.

“Every one pay for their deeds here only” Nikita said making SwaSan confused.
” means my father left your mother for some other Lady and same happens with his daughter sanskar left me for you swara” Nikita said sadly.
Swara got shocked. She didn’t like the way she said. She never wished to take Nikita’s place forcefully.
” let it be may be my love for sanskar was so weak” Nikita further said.
” it was never love nikita and we came here to just tell you truth so that’s done” Sanskar said sharply and held swara’s hand.

” let’s go” he said and swara just nodded.
SwaSan left from there. In the car, swara didn’t utter a word, she is staring out of the window. Her silence was noticed by sanskar but he thought to talk at home.

Shomi was already waiting for swasan when they enter inside.
” she was knowing??” Shomi asked giving water to them.
” no shekar uncle never told” swara said.
Sanskar was looking at swara. She is trying to act normal but Nikita’s words has effected her and her eyes were showing different emotions.

” we told her that’s it now we don’t have any link with them” sanskar stressed last words seeing swara but she was again lost.
” you are right we have nothing to do with them you both be happy with each other” shomi concluded.
They all had dinner then went to their respective rooms.

SwaSan Room:
Swara came from washroom and lie on her side when suddenly Sanskar take her beneath him.
” what are you thinking??” He asked.
” nothing” she didn’t look in his eyes.
” ohh really I can read your face madam that Nikita’s words are still in your mind” sanskar said directly coming to the point.
” I never wanted to take her place” swara said as tears welled in her eyes.
” you have your own place and she was always my friend why you are still insecure Swara, it hurts” sanskar said and turn on his side.

Swara closed her eyes for a second then open. She lean close to Sanskar.
” I didn’t mean to hurt you” she cups his face.
” I’m stupid to think like that I’m sorry” she slightly peck his lips which was indeed a shock for sanskar.
” you are my only love and will always be” he said.

” I know and I love you” she smile.
” but I think nikita still likes you” she further said.
” I don’t care I had already cleared about this if she is still stuck there its her problem” Sanskar said carelessly.

” hmm” she lie on his chest.
Sanskar kiss her lips softly and then they slept.

Next morning, sanskar is getting ready for office alone today as swara has to handle household work.
Swara came inside the room and got shocked to see almost whole cupboard out. He is still shirtless.
” what you have done sanskar?” she asked.
” sorry I was finding my socks” he made innocent face.

” and then also wearing two different socks.”swara giggles. She take the matching socks and give him.
” plz stitch the button of my shirt” he said wearing the shirt.
” then why you are wearing??” She asked.
” stitch here” he smirk. Swara glare him and bought needle and thread. She stood at safe distance from him and started stitching.
Sanskar pull her closer making her fall on his chest.

” sanskar I have needle in hand” she warned as it may hurt him.
” I’m your one and only handsome husband why you always run from me??” He caress her waist teasing her.
” sanskar stop it” she quickly tied it and then moved back.
” I will miss you in office” sanskar pout.
” aww Darling I will also miss you” Swara pull his cheeks.
” what you said” he stepped forward.
” wo Darling” she said looking down blushing.

” and why?” Sanskar was in no mood to leave her.
” you always say I’m not romantic so I tried..” She was playing with fingers.
” to become romantic” he completed kissing her cheeks.
” good bye” she ran out before he can move further.

” you will pay at night” he shouted at back but she has left.

To be continued....

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