Sanskar ki Radha Aur Laksh ki Meera swaragini Os

Hi guys iam Ashnita. Writing first time os in swaragini. I hope u guys like it. Fingers crossed.

Let’s start

A big bunglow is shown. In the room one boy is sleeping peacefully when a girl throws a chipkali on him. He wakes up with a jerk and screamed seeing chipkali. He quickly gets down quickly. Girl laughs at him. Boy shouts not fair swara.

Swara is wearing a pink suit with curly hair and with simple make up. Swara shouts everything is fair in luv and war my sanskar. Sanskar pulls her close and whispered I can’t manage one swara just imagine u have a double role than.

Otherside a girl is wearing jeans and top with high heels and straight hair. Goes in her room and saw a boy sleeping. She brings a glass of water and throws on his face. Boy wakes up and shouts rain has came yipeeeeee. He then saw girl in angry mode. Girl shouts laksh who will make break fast. U my baby said Laksh. Wat replied girl.

Laksh -nthing I’m going to make it helly baby

Helly – that’s gud fast

Laksh -ok

He went .

Back to swasan. Swara feeds food to sanskar .swara ask permission to go to goa and sanskar gave permission. They packed their lugguage

Otherside Laksh feeds food to helly . I want to goa. Laksh said go no one will stop u. Helly huggs him and said not only me but u r cuming with me my hubby. Laksh gets happy. They packed their lugguage.

In Goa

Swasan and Laksh with his wife were shopping. They didn’t see each other. Swara wants to eat ice cream and sanskar forbidden her. Otherside Laksh brings ice cream for his wife. Sanskar went to other shop and laksh entered same shop. They collide with eachother. They apologize and shakes hands.

Sanskar goes and tap on helly shoulder. Helly turns back.

Who asked u to have ice cream and by the way how u changed clothes -sanskar

Excuse me -helly

Ur r excused now throw this ice cream and cum with me -sanskar.

Otherside laksh saw swara sitting. He sits beside her.

Baby where is ur ice cream -laksh

Do you talking to me -swara

Offcourse cum I get u another ice cream -Laksh .

First of fall who r u -swara

Otherside helly asked sanskar who r u.

Sanlak gets confused and laughs.

Oh now I get it I’m sorry -sanskar

Sorry for wat – helly.

For ice cream -sanskar

No need for sorry bhaiya -helly.

Sanskar gets confused and told her that he is ur husband. Helly shouts be in ur limit I’m not ur wife.

Otherside laksh gets tired to say sorry to swara. Swara told him that he is not ur husband.

Sanlak gets angry and went. They again collide with eachother and sits in bench.
They share their problems with each other how girls didn’t not recognized them .

Otherside swara was finding sanskar and helly was finding Laksh. Girls collide with each other. They gets shocked to see eachother. Helly pinches herself and swara too. They touch eachother.

How can we look same – helly

We r eachother look alike so that’s y that boy was saying sorry -swara

So that’s y bhaiya threw my ice cream -helly.

They make a plan and smirks. Helly went near laksh. Sanskar saw her a stands up.
Laksh huggs her and sanskar pulls her.

Excuse me y u pulling my baby -laksh

Mind ur language she is my wife -sanskar.

She is my wife – Laksh

She is my sweetie -sanskar

She is my cup cake -Laksh

She is my coco pie -sanskar

Both pulls helly hands. She come out from their grip and slapped Sanlak. They gets shocked. From behind swara cums and huggs sanskar and stand with helly

Sanlak saw two standing together. They shouts Bhoot Bhoot and faints.

In hotel

Sanlak gets conscious and feels relieved. In mind they are saying it was just a dream. But when they again saw both girls they again faint. Girls throws water on them. They opens their eyes and hugged eachother.

Girls explained them that they look a like. Sanlak gets relieved and stands beside their partners.

Sanlak huggs each other and sanskar wishpered Laksh that all the best. Ur wife really is a khadoos. They giggle at eachother and helly and swara smiles seeing them.

The End

I hope u guys like it. Fingers crossed

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    Cuteee really it was short but cute! Keep. Writing

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  9. Cute os! ?
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  12. Hey ashi dear it was really very amazing yaar….I was laughing whole heartedly…loved it a lot….love u loads dear…

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