Sanskar ki kahani (Part 3)


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as i told you its both swasan and ragsan there will be a change i have two endings i leave it to you guys choose your fav couple or else i will post both the endings

Recap – sanskar and swara talking. sanskar taking out a painting of ragini

sans – ragini i know you are there you are not my imagination
saying this he keeps the painting again in the cupboard and takes pendrive and leaves to his office

sanskar gets into his car and leaves to his office
while going to office he sees the same haveli but ignores it and drives fast to his office
he reaches the office and handovers the pen drive to his boss
and travels back to his flat
he gets into his dreams he remembers something
“he sees himself in armour suit fighting with soldiers around him
he was bleeding with his own blood as sweat
he controlled his pain and again started fighting he thought he would loose his land
suddenly a someone puts their sword near sanskar’s neck
he decided to accept the defeat
suddenly a warrior in white clothes with their face covered with a mask comes and helps sanskar from the rival soldiers they both sanskar and warrior in white clothes fight together and defeat the rival king
sanskar was about to say thank you
but the person revealing that she is a girl with out showing her face jumped on her white horse and ran far away from there
sanskar shouted, called her”

sans – stop stop!! where are yu going
(modern life)
sanskar stops his car with sudden brakes
he is shocked to see the haveli
sans – what is this?? i came back to this haveli??
sanskar felt that someone was calling him so he went inside the haveli
sans – whats happening to me y this haveli attracting me especially this room
sankar searches for the keys of that room
he dint find it
san – its been 4 hours im searching for the keys i think i must go other wise swara will show me hell
when he was about to leave he hear a voice

voice – sankar!!

sans – kaun?? who??
voice – tumne mujhe nahi pehchana?? you dint recognize me??
sans – no!!! who are you??
voice – main vahi hun jiska tumhe intezar tha… im the one for whom you are waiting
san – what??
voice – tum yeh kamra kholna chahte ho na?? you want to open the door right
sans – yes yes where are the keys??
voice – upar theesri kamre me palang ke neeche (on the stairs the 3rd room under the bed)
sankar runs towards the stairs he searches under the bed there was nothing….!!
sans shouts – what the hell is this?? who are you??
voice – shanth ho jayo sanskar duundo tumhe jaroor milegaa ( calm down sanskar you will get it search!)

sans get even more angry and throws the bed on the floor with his frustration
sanskar hears a sound of he sis there
it was really a big key he takes the key
sans – yes!! i got the key!! btw who is the girl told me all these thing?? ragini?? no no how can she be ragini??
thinking this he goes down stairs
he tries to open the lock
suddenly winds blow windows get open and close sanskar finally opens the lock with all his courage

mayuri flat 301
swara was waiting for sanskar

swara – oh god its 2 o clock sanskar must be back what happened to him???
swara calls him but he dint pick the call
swasan’s door bell rings
swara – i think its sans ma and papa
she opens the door and smiles
Swa – namaste aunty come in
ap – toh tum ho swara??
swa – haan aunty come in
they all come in and sit on sofas
dp – wher s sans beta??
swa – voh… he went to office uncle
ap – today??
swara – yes aunty its some urgent work
dp – ok ok beta he will come back soon
swa – haan uncle, uncle aap khana khayiye its too late now
lucky – ha ha im very hungry i dint have anything from morning
ap – laksh!! stop it an hour back you had your large mushroom pizza
they all laugh
lucky – ma….

swa – ok aunty i will serve the food please come and sit there aunty
they all go and sit on the chairs of dining table
swa in kitchen – sanskar where are you?? your mom and dad are here…!! i cant handle them alone plzz come fast she msgs him
swa brings all the food items prepared by her
lucky – toh swara tell me what all you made??
swa – a veg biryani, palak paneer ghobi parathas chane ki sabji aur kheer
lucky – sounds yummy i must start it now
swa – yes lucky but w8 untill i serve you
lucky – no formalities swara saying this he serves himself and eats
swa – uncle aapko serve karu??
dp – no no beta i ll do it on my own
swara serves to dp and ap
ap -wow swara u are a great cook!!
swa – thanks aunty

lucky – yes she is the food is really vvv tasty learn something from her
swa – what from me?? i tasted aunty’s food so many tyms.. before aunts magic im nothing (in her mind sanskar what happened to you?)
ap – beta its really vvv tasty
dp – yes it is swara and y is sanskar not home??
swa – uncle i ll call him
dp – w8 beta i ll call him
he calls sanskar bt he dint ans d phone
dp – i think he is busy
swa – nahi he ll come
swa – aunty me kheer laati hu
lucky – i ll come w8
swara and lucky go inside kitchen
lucky – swara you know you are really a vv good cook
swara – thanks laksh saying this she gives him the kheer cup
swara and lucky come out they sit on sofa
dp – beta swara tell something about your family
swa – my father, shekhar gadodhia and ma sharmishta gadodhia uncle we live in mumbai
ap – ohkk beta i think its too late we must go
swa – aunty stay na sanskar will come he should by 1 o clock only i think he must have struck in the traffic
dp -its ok beta sanskar toh hamara hi hai v came here to see you
lucky – yup swara its 4 pm and i shld reach home faster tomorrow theres a get to gether
they all leave giving swara a present
swara locks the door and cries
swa – sanskar this is v bad you are not home, i think you are still at that haveli…..

@ haveli

sanskar gets a call bt he dint pick the call
he opens the door of that room and gets inside
sans – i always wanted to come inside….im vv much happy now
he sees every thing
he goes near mirror it ws too old
sanskar sees himself in the mirror in a kings attire and ragini sitting infront of him
sanskar gets shocked and says – RAGINI….???

Precap – swara and sanskar romantic moments fights

Credit to: priya

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