Sanskar ki kahani (Part 2)


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So the epi begins from sanskar going to his home

Sanskar and swara are living in hyderabad in their own flat they are in livin relationship guyss

Sanskar was in the way to his home
San- areyy yaar i got late its 8:30 swara will definitely scold me I must go fast
Sayin so he ran very fast and reached the apartment ” mayuri” samsara pressed the lift button and said – oh no it’s too late the lift is on 7th floor i must take stairs
He reached his flat 301 he slowly opened the door
Sanskar in a low voice – thank god she is still getting ready and left the door open..
He goes to his room and takes a shirt and then goes to wash room he freshen ups and gets ready
Swara is in her room she was getting ready she was wearing a light blue saree and with a lit make up
Sanskar slowly goes to swara’s room and says
San – swara..?? What is this we are getting late get ready quickly otherwise our boss will fire us
Swa – its ok samsara let him fire us
San – what?? You are talking like this?? I’m shocked!!
Swa – buddhu it’s Saturday
San – oh i forgot!! Then why are you getting ready??
Swa – tum bhool gaye?? Today v are going to meet your parents they are coming right?? I should keep the flat neat and clean
San – schwa ok ok then what’s for bf???
Swa – its your turn dear…
San – but swara…
Swa – no excuses sanskar i should make lunch for them
San – kya khaogi??
Swa – hmm i would like to have parathas today
San – ahaaan?? It would take 1 hr swaraaaa it’s 9:30 now better i will make Maggie
Swa – ok sanskar be quick
San went to kitchen and was making Maggie
Swara in her room was thinking ‘aah im fed up with this cooking i should make something good for ap dp and lucky this is my first tym meeting his parents hm let’s check something in internet’ while she was thinking sanskar came with two cups of Maggie
San – oh miss swara what are you thinking?? Are you alright??
Swa – tum hare mom and dad ko kya oasand Hai??
San – Main πŸ˜‰
Swa – khane me sanskarrr
San – oh khane me?? Let me think dad likes paneer very much and mom she likes every thing and my lil bro lucky he eats everything
Swa – okay sanskar i will something good
Sans phone rings
Voice – sir please come to the office it’s urgent
San – today is sat man??
Voice – sir but boss is calling you he is saying some pen drive is missing
San – oh that one I have it i will give it on Monday
Voice – no sir its urgent pls come and Givee other wise boss will loose his temper
Sans – ok ok I’m coming
Sans cuts d call
Swa – who??
San – boss he wants some pen drive i ll go n give it to him you make sure that food will not burn
Swa – sanskar you go i ll make worlds delicious food
San – ok at least w8 im having my Maggie
Saying so he completed eating and went to his room
Sans – now where is this pen drive i shouldn’t have brought it
Swara came to his room and hugged him from back
San – who??
Swa – ragini
San – swara tum
Swa – Baan it’s me tumhe kya laga tumhari imagination phir aagayi??
San – swara it’s not my imagination
Swa – then who is she??
San – she is there and i know that
Swa – ok baba she is there now take this pen drive and goo come early
Saying Soo she goes to kitchen
Sanskar takes out a painting of a girl she was in red saree sitting royally on the chair
San – ragini i know you are there you are not my imagination!!

Swara meets sanskars parents

Credit to: priya

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