Sanskar ki kahani (Part 1)

Hii everyone I’m priya
This is my first swaragini ff hope you guys like it plz do comment
Soo here we go 1st promo

A boy is running towards a big Haveli in his track suits.

He reaches a room.
The door of the room was locked.
There were so many locks on it.
He was very scared seeing that he had so many expressions in his face anger frightened scary anxiety and what not.
He tried to open the door but he was not successful.
He felt that someone was watching him he turned around…….
He saw nothing
He was a little bit tensed
Suddenly his phone rang……..
He lifted the call
Its swara
Swara – hello sanskar!! Good morning where are you?? Come home na we are getting late…. Are you still jogging?? Or you went to the same haveli?? Sanskar u der?? Come home fast. Why do roam out side??

Sanskar without listening to her cut the call and was lost some where

The boy said to him self – from the time i came here i felt very weird. why do i feel that there is some connection between me and this Haveli. And this room it’s attracting me towards it…..

Plzz tell me if you like i will go to 1st episode. nd yeah it’s both ragsan nd swasan

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  1. Let me guess
    Ragini died and swara was present heroniee right
    Nice start

    1. Thank you!!! I hope your guess is correct sindhu 🙂

  2. interesting….is it past life connection with ragini and the haveli or something?

    1. Thank you azure!!
      Your guess os almost correct 🙂

  3. interesting. continue it

    1. Thank you Aastha!! 🙂

  4. Nice but plzz choose one pair…swasan

    1. Thank you bresh!! 🙂

  5. Swasan swasan swasan…… Pls pls pls…….☺☺☺☺

    1. Read my promo 2 and 3 🙂 both swasan and ragsan will get equal importance

  6. nice start

    1. Thanks poonam 🙂

    1. Thanks Dev!!

  7. dnt think i m rude dr….pls either be swasan r ragsan not both pls pls

    1. Both the couples are from different period dear so not to worry nd yeah thankss!!

  8. It’s nice dear!!! The story plot is different nd fantastic I liked it . u should continue writing this ff

    1. Thank you Sakura!!

    1. Thanks pavani!!

  9. No swasan only ragsan

    1. Its both dear will give importance to both the couples
      Both the couples are plotted in two different periods

  10. Nice start…make it ragsan…

    1. Thanks kriya

  11. Plz choose one pair dear.

  12. Nice but plzzz make it Swasan…not both

  13. Interesting……pls make it ragsan…..

  14. Wow its nice after reading this i am a bet axcious abt wat will happen next

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