Sanskar: bcuz i still love you (swasan os)


Hi guys this is an is on the current track from the episode on 3 November
This is my second os
Let’s begin
Sanskar:I can understand you are missing your
nikhil very much naa don’t worry once Uttara marriage is over then you both can marry eo and I’ll also live peacefully
Swara was teary eyed
Swara:see Sanskar I’m already very worried pls
don’t start again
Sanskar:first of all call me sir and second I don’t

care if you’re worried or not
Swara tries to go from there b
ut Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him which results in her landing on his chest
They both forgot their differences and had a
deep eye lock
Sanskar was lost in Swara eyes

They came in senses when gayatri saw them
and created a scene
Gayatri:haye see sujata the girl you have hired is so shameless she is trapping her boss aye Swara don’t you have shame such a characterless girl she is sujata I don’t want such
cheap girl to organize my son’s wedding don’t know if she tries to trap my chirag he is so
Sanskar was controlling his anger
Swara wasn’t seeing gayatri didn’t say anything
Gayatri:now why are you quite Swara I thought that you are a cheap girl but I didn’t know that
you’re so characterless tell me with how many boys have you slept
That was it for Sanskar his anger burst out
Sanskar shouted
Sanskar:enough gayatri ji you don’t about whom you are taking is my wife this house pride and you don’t have any right to judge her character she has a character as pure as water

Swara was seeing him with tears
Gayatri:so what from past six months she is not staying with you may be She has a new lover and who knows if she is still pure
Sanskar:enough gayatri ji I trust my Swara more then anyone and I know she loves me and only me and she can never betray me
And she goes from there
Swara breaks down after she leaves
Ap and sujata try to console her but all in vain

She slept while crying in ap’s embrace
Sanskar carried her to their room and made her sleep
Sanskar:mom inform sumi maa that Swara will come tomorrow she is busy don’t tell her Whts
Sujata nods
Then Sanskar looks at Swara who is sleeping with tears in her eyes
How much ever he denies but the truth is he loves her even now
He went towards her and wipes her tears
He kisses her eyes and sits beside her
After sometime Swara wakes up shouting
Swara:no no I’m not characterless i love Sanskar trust me
Sanskar tried to stop her but she didn’t so he
hugged her tightly slowly she stops shouting

Swara calms down
Swara:Sanskar trust me i never thought about anybody except you
Sanskar:I trust you Swara sleep
He makes her lay and sees that she is having high fever
Sanskar:oh no she is having high fever
He brings cold water and puts hanky on her forehead
Whole night he takes care of her

In the morning Swara gets up and sees Sanskar sleeping on the bed while sitting on the ground
Swara tries to get up but fails
Sanskar gets up and sees her
Sanskar:arre Swara you got up how are you feeling
Swara:better but

Sanskar:but what
Swara:I’ve to go
Sanskar:no you aren’t well
Swara:but why do you care you don’t love me right
Sanskar was quite he didn’t know what to say and reality struck him
Sanskar:umm yes now you can go
She gets up and tries to go but feels dizzy and falls on ten bed
Sanskar was tensed for her
Sanskar:what happened are you fine

Swara:no I won’t tell
Sanskar:arre if you’ll not tell then how will I know
Swara:what will you do after knowing you don’t love me and its better to die only bcuz you aren’t there in my life
Sanskar:Swara never say like this
Sanskar got irritated
Sanskar:bcuz I love you ok happy you won I can’t imagine my life without you
Swara smiled happily and hugged Sanskar
Sanskar also hugged her back

Swasan:I love you
They both said at the same time and laughed

********************The End*********************
I’m sorry if I wasted your time pls comment and let me know your views and rabia di it’s specially for you

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