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Hi guys .I would like to share a joke with you as I am very happy .as my favorite ff has started again.

Sanskar and laksh is best friend from childhood sanskar is topper in school, college every where laksh always copy sanskar.

Year passed they commplet their graduation. They get call for interview. Sanskar and laksh both go .laksh said to sanskar tum muje answer bata Dena .sanskar said okay.first sanskar was called .sanskar say may I come in .Mr.Sharma .Mr.Sharma said yah come sanskar come .then he asked when did the British leave India .sanskar said 1948 (guys I don’t know it is correct or not as I am from Bangladesh .so don’t know can any one say the correct year plz).Mr.Sharma say name some people who died in war. he say:bigot we logo ka hatt hai is par may kisi ka name leke dusro ko nica nahi dikha na cahta . Mr.Sharma was pleased with his answer. Then he say last question, in planet nepchun there is found treache of alian is it true or not.sanskar say:research is going on when it will complete we both will get to know. Mr.Sharma say okay now u can go we’ll give call .sanskar said ok.then it was laksh turn so laksh said no need to say question only say answer. Sanskar said :1948,bohot we logo ki Hatt hai is par may kosika mane leke dusro ko nica nahi dikahna cahta, research is going when it will complete we both will get to know.then laksh enter in room .Mr.Sharma said which year did you born laksh thought about sanskar answer and said 1948.Mr.Sharma was astonished he said tell me ur father name who gave birth to such a boy.laksh again thought about sanskar answer and said bohot logo ka hatt hay kiska nam lo may kisiko unhappy nahi karna cahta. (Hahahahahaha)the again Mr Sharma was astonished he said are u mad.he again think of sanskar answer and said research is going when it will complete we both will get to know. (??????????)really. Then due to frustration Mr.Sharma say okay now u can go we’ll give call to inform u u got ur job or not.then he goes .

After some days sanskar and laksh got married and they live happy ever after .

Credit to: aksa

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  1. Its awsome I am laughing after reading this

  2. Eva

    1947 mein shayad…mein bhi Bangladeshi hu..parha tha mene…sure nehi hu..byw this was so funny…cool..sanlak mein bhi os horahe hai..dekhke khushi huyi..???

    1. Serena

      Hey Eva r u really from Bangladesh??if u r then wow that’s amazing. …. Its good to know that somewhere we r united like this n r more than brother n sisters……

      ..n yup its 1947..

  3. Heheeheheheh. …it was really funny

  4. very funny….hahaha ….

  5. I have already read this in another way but still it was great and nice

  6. 1947…i head the joke before from my cousin… luvd to read it again…epsly in sanlak form….hahaha…even i’m Bangladeshi..

  7. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    You are from Bangladesh, cool. I am also.Mein yeh joke janti hu.Actually meine yeh school parr Annual function pe play kiya tha.And you know what,everybody like ROFL.Humne bohot difficulty ke saath yeh role play kia tha bcz humme hasi arriti.Iss play ka naam humne’idiet’dia tha.Hum sab backstage pe aake itni hasi thi ki jisne laksh role play kiya tha vo bechari chair sei gir gayi, lol.

  8. hehehe nice joke…i was just laughing reading this….laksh answer suit him very much as he is jumbo type

    1. and yeah the answer is 1947….I’m also bangladeshi but i know the answer as i have a annoying subject global studies…calo kuch to kam aya global studies parke

  9. Serena

    It was awesome…I hv heard this joke…n even whenever someone is sad in my class this is one of my fav. Joke which I used to crack to make them laugh..

  10. this joke is from SYE telugu movie

  11. Awesome???

  12. Divya shankar

    K we got independence at August 15 1947 then we got Republic at 1950 January 26th. And our Indian constitution came into existence..I. m science student but also we should know about our country…but ur other country no prb..coming to os half I understood another half I didn’t understand I don’t know hindi tat much next time write English

  13. Megha123

    Hey is this concept taken 4m a movie I’ve seen it same in telugu movie

  14. this was awsm ………….im still laughing …….

  15. Radhika

    That was so funny. I was laughing hard then I saw the last line and my laughter vashished for one sec then again I started laughing. Too goood

  16. Nyc one….I already know this joke….it is in one Telugu movie….anyway with sanlak it’s awesome

  17. Nita D

    Haha…..Lols…..gud one
    Wase its 15 August, 1947

  18. Cant control my laugh
    Its really hillarious

  19. Seriously yr hasti reh gai main toh….????????

  20. It is from telugu movie dill

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