Sanskaar : I love you Swara… Swara : I hate you sanskaar….{chapter 3}


Hiii guys this is janvi ….do you all liking my nonsense …should I stop it ….
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Sanskaar : if you can catch me then i should salute you di…
Ragini:aww my little bro …wake up from dream you are again challenging me and as usual I will win
Sanskaar:no chance this time
Ragini:I am not at all going to spare you this time …
Sanskaar:a ugly witch
Ragini:shut up you nonsense talk ….
Sanskaar:maa look dii is teasing me
Ragini:hawwww…maa he is lying
Ap:shut up sanskaar ….
Ragini laughs
Ap sees her
Ap:ragini there is no need to laugh too….
And now you both go to shop for rakhi ….and your cousins are also coming…
Ragsan: okk mom
Ragini:tease with her tongue..
Ragini:okk sorry babu …my hero ..this time you won
They happily go and shops for rakhi ….
And now it is night

It night laksh didn’t came yet home …all family members were asleep expect swara as laksh promises her about his love story …..
Suddenly the door opens it was laksh and swara comes running to him … swara:bhai tell me your love story…
Laksh :okk swara but firstly I need to change my dress and you too and I should have dinner and I will come to your room …
Swara:okk bhai
(Kisseshis cheeks)
Laksh completes his works and goes to her room…..
Swara :bhai let’s start bhai…come sit on my bed…

20 gears before
I was at college…2 year …I was backbencher of my class I had a gang I was boss to my juniors….the ragg master ……to juniors as well as seniors too….there was a girl in my class ragini bose she was very silent and sweet by nature ..she was beautiful and intelligent enough…..all boys were behind her… I didn’t even noticed her properly….but one day it was dance party all my friends were gone ….actually it was 1 a.m. of morning all goons of college were there…ragini want to go home but no auto was a available so she was sitting alone suddenly a very ill-mannered oy of my class he was always behind her and gone to flirt with her he gone and sil near her she shifted a side then he went nearer then she again shifted and then he was nearest now I was out of my senses I patted at his back
He:yes..why are you disturbing two love birds
Me:ohh mister ..come out of the dreams
She is my gf
He,:,no she is mine

Me:why don’t we ask her are my gf【i winked at her】
He leaves
She:thanx for supporting me…
Me:I am so sorry to call you my gf
She: it’s okk
Me: so friends
She:why ..why not ..
{They both shaked hands}
Me:may I drop you home
She:yaa please
She smiled..her one smile costs 1 Arabs
I dropped her home and bit good boy
TO Be Continued

PRECAP:more love story of raglak

Suitable names which I thought
1 . Janam janam rehna saath mere
2. Foridibben love story
3. Friendship-hatred-love
Please comment and I need friends I had only 3 to 4 Friends here….

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  1. Drishya

    Is it swasan ff or raglak I am confused ?? but its awesome

  2. Raglak story is awesome, title 1 seems appropriate for story

  3. Tamanna

    Nice…. I think option 3 will be more suitable….
    Update next one soon

  4. Mica

    awesome story janvii…
    but it was 2 years ago or 20 years ago ? it’s bout raglak or someone else ?

  5. Nice and 1

  6. Janvi dear episide ws fabulous..lovng dere past love story…loved ragsan n swalak bondng ….n i suggest either title 1 or 2 ..keep rockng grl 😉

  7. Akshata

    awesome update, my vote goes to option 1.

  8. Option 1 is cool type…. N episode was awesome

  9. Sanjanaagrawal

    Its a raglak or swasan love story confusing …
    Keep 1st one …

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