Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 9)

I think u guyz hate my ff. Pls open ur mind i think i will stop.if today also no cmmmts.
swasan having a nice time. Swara’s greed for chocolate increase. Both the son of mm were under the torture sweet and cute gm girls. In one weekend night time both swaragini want ladoos. Atlast sanlak prepare it for them. They some how prepare. All are eagerly waiting for the ladoos. SanLak enter there with ladoooss.
Sw:ladooos ladoo
Ra: what do u mean?.
Sw: ladoo ladoos.

Ap : i think aaj medical store be holiday its a risk to taste this.
SanLak feel sad.
Swarag: after all we have no problem.
They ate it happily. Swara’s chidish behaviour made sanskaar mad on her. He excuse elders and kiss swara.
Swa: ouch,
rag: ure alright .
Swa; i feel cramp on stomach.
Suja: i think swasan going to have a baby girl.
Sw: why mom.
Suj: she is jealous of her father’s presence.
San: don’t think bad i have so many tension abt this child.
Rag: why jiju.

San: i saw in internet that the mother feel a immense pain which is uncompareable to any other pain. For giving me happiness she is going to adlust a lot.
Swara and other have tears because of sanskaar’s care.
Swa: never sanskaar that pain have a super super happiness. Aftr that pain when we saw childs face it will vanish.

Rag: don’t be so mean jiju. And luk i’m also pregnant.
San: sry saali.
Next day GM &MM decide to have picnic. All are enjoying here and there . Swaragini feels bore therefore they think involve in something. Ap ask lucky to bring wood . While taking wood lucky fall from the cliff ad hold in some thing. Sanky accidently came there saw this and try to help him.
Others came there saw sanky pushing lucky from cliff. Lucky falldown . Evryone thought lucky is pushed by sanky purely a case of mis understanding.
Mm and Gm rush to hospital with lucky. Dp slap sanky. Even ragini turn her face awy frm sanky. But both swara and ap sit quiet like statue. Shekar annouce that he broke the swasan ristha. Sanskaar fall down in pain he don’t know anything. Swara consoles ragini. That time doc annouce that lucky fall in to coma. Sanskaar leave to house. Swara stay in Gm. Ragini in hospital and no one talk to sanskaar. So many days passed. Sanky turn in to depression.
Sa: take my life god and give back my bro. I’m worthless this much day i’m in one thought that swara doesn’t utter any word .

Then sanky recieve divorce papers. Sanky shattrerd in to pices . Lucky come back to conscious.
He explain everything.
Swa: i know there i keep mump.
Ap: ilm also.
Lucky: how u guyz think like that.
Everyone rush to Mm .
Su: hai ramu where is my son.
Ram: chota sab go to his room crying madly.
All go to swasan room the saw sanskaar lying on the floor unconsciously. Poison bottle on the floor. Swara scream in fear sanskaar. She place his head on the lap.
Sanky slowly open eyes.
San: swara tum. U want divorce from is it am that much bad . I can live without food but not u. Ur my oxygen.

Swa: i don’t sent anythng how can i hate u. Hateing u is like hating my self.
Sanskaar close his eyes. Breathing highly

precap: leap new twist more and more

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  2. Nice i think now swara will hate her father becoz for ragini he broke their relationship

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