Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 8)

raglak were standing inside there room thinking abt there baby.
Lucky (very curiously); if baby come how can i think abt u. I want to spend all time with child is it na. But u don’t love am careing for others.
Ragz: but iam think abt what i will call u after child’s arrival .laksh ji.
Lk: no:………..

Rag:child’s father.
Lk: nevr do u have any doubt child’s authority to remeber me by calling child’s father.
Rag: then aap.
Lk: whats app? Never evr call me what happen to u .
Rag; i usually call u baby. When baby arrive it creates a confusion na.
Lk: first u answer me.

Ragz: ok ok i don’t get jealous becoz for evrymaa the child is imp than anythng else.
They share a passionate hug.
Lk: u can call me laksh. Then not bad my ladoo became big.
Rag: what do u think. I always remain that innocent child ok. Loser.
Swasan room.
Swara is sleeping. Sanky near her. He remember the intimcy show by riya and attitude change . Atlast her attack towards his shona.
Raglak enter there with food and they saw sanky in tears.
Rags: what happen jiju very sad. Don’t be so weak like devadas be smart like……….
Lk: lucky .
Rags: shut up fool.

Due to there cat fight swara wake up.
Swa: whats happening here. Ouch my neck its paining . Sanskaar ure here .im sry for baba’s indifference.
San: i’m sry yaar. Alwys hurting u. U want to stand with him. He is ur dad.
Swa: before marriage i want to supprt my father. But aftr mrg as a wife i want to support u sanskaar. And i can’t stay without u . Ok
swasan hug and cry sawing this rags cry.
Lk: evry body run out run for life. Maa took ur son from here.
Sw: what happen devar ji.
Lk: do u see 3 rivers are sheding tears it cause heavy flood in maheswari mansion.
Rags: i will teach u a lesson come room.
By saying this she leave .

Swasan: lucky u r really unlucky.
Lucky left the room.
Swasan aftr food sanky swithched off light but swara huzzle in his ears. Can we forwrad this ristha. Sanskaar happily hugged her. Slowly the began to consume there marriage. Swara leave her in the arms of sanskaar.
After 1 week:
swara undergone a drastic change she began to gt angry quickly. Sanskaar feel awkward. She in the middle of night cry for chocolate.
One day:
its a week end everone is there. AP : swara brng food for ur family and us.
Swa: ji maa.
Sanky was attending a call saw swara falling down. Sanky rush to her.doc examine her tell some thing to all. But sanky did not hear his in inhouse temple for his dewdrop.doc leaves. Sanky come inside and shock to see evryone staring him angry.
She: don’t dare to touch her.
San: wht happen.
Ap: u made us fall.

San: arey shona tell something.
Swara with a evil smile: u betray me by presenting a child.
San: when i present u a child? .
Then he understand jump in happiness.
San: do u hear that.
Rags: i think my jiju is a tube light. And swara we brng two two happiness in a gap of 1 week.
San: thank me saali i’m one who urge for a child for that i waited along.
Swa: sanskaar don’t be soo shame less elder are standing here.
Sujat; now we want to take care of ur swaragini. Hai na.
Pari: and i promise i nevr feel jealousy for ur love towrda them.
Swarag: tq u bhabhi u and u r child is equaly nice.
Adra: becz she is my wife . Evryone had a laugh.

Precap: some high drama.

I hate cv of swaragini why they change our innocent lucky who is a loser due to fate to villan pls guzy don’t hate him. I’m hemish fan and in serial swasan

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