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Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 6)


sanskirthi is the kavitha he find it in the hospital in self now …
San: swara now i think all confusion are over.and i got u back there for.
Swa; party banti hai. Hai na sanskaar. Pls tell yaar u know that i love enjoying my life i am not reserved.
San: but unique.
Swara: i think i am little bit try to be posessive for u .
San: but selfless.
Swara:i am not orthodox.
San: but traditional.
Swara: iam not going to talk with u.
San: but iam going to talk.
Swara: idiot why god u gave me this stupid for my entire life.
San: iam i a stupid then leave me to hell i don’t disturb u. Iam leaving.
Swara: sry yaar pls …..
San: no never.

Swara came closer and gave a tight hug and slight kiss . Whole came there for giving gift saw them and stunned.
Lucky: sry bhabi but we have two happiness at same time u came back and ragini is pregnant.
Swara: wow what ‘s this a nice news. U know ragini the three face which gave me strength is
2: ladoo
1: sanskaar
u know many of the days the slap me harder and worser even one day i saw a blide and i hurt my hand that time ur smile and sanskaar ‘s tears came in front of me. I try to regain conscious. They took me to hospital while returning do u know i got my happiness i think if god can give my life then surely my sanskaar.
But whenever they hurt me and try to kill me i’am happy becoz for u sanskaar i can also be a mad like kavitha. But not that much she is. Even now also i’m ready to die…
Sanky stop her : no shona pls never. I don’t compel u to love my but compel u to find out ur true love from me and lucky. U know the most thng u done is u choose me. Therefore these all happen. Love is a room were we all have our on place, when it change it to true love then those who have same come closer in room. Our relatioship is based trust. U know friend have an end girlfriend have an end.but family do u notice there is no sign of end its spelling from that its sure that our relation all so have no end ok.sanskaar ki hai swara . Screen freeze

precap: no

Credit to: devanandhini

  1. It is good but was short

  2. nice Dr …

  3. Nice episode. Plz continue

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