Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 5)

Everyone gazed to both sanskrithi and the girl claim to be swara.they don”t understand any thing .
Girl(look like of swara ): who is this sanskaar why u re keeping silent . I’m here aftr so many days to see my family u and ure not even looking at me .
Sanskaar: she is sanskrithi my wife .
Sanskrithi look into his face she can see his sadness but she did not give stress to that becz she need him with her.
Girl: what do u mean u left me alone sanskaar. How can u alwsys do this if ekk baar when I came to know abt this I will surely not adjust this much yrs inthat place.why u save from goons sanskaaar.
Sanskrithi: is it she is playing with ur feeling for swara sanskaar no never allow her to win sanky.
Look like of swara burst into tears. She plead sumi to trust her that she is her shona. While saying this she feel dizzy. Sanskaar n time mein hold her. Blood comes thru mouth .
@at hospital

Swara ‘s look like in ward.
Doc: don’t worry mrs maheswari is fine she went thru some trauma. That made her weak. The people really tortured her badly. Her body is totally damaged. She is uttering ur name .
Everyone enter to the room saw swara look like is but tears rolling down.
Sans: what my Jhansi ki rani tum aisi silly matter mein get fever ho jayengi. I lied u tht iam married when u leave me feel my house happiness gone with u but that’s a fact . then I saw sanskrthi who resembles u think that she can fill u but never dear whenever I saw her I think abt u . ur my jaan.
Swara: yaar don’t tell apologize becoz no sry and thanku in our ristha. But dida ki shoru tum se angry hai. Ok
San: then what happen to daadi ki bengalaan ko?.
Daadi: don’t tell that she is my marwadi chori ok.
Swara slowly fal in to sleep . then sanky kiss on her fore head like fathers do .sumi sit near her.
Every one come out.sanskrithi bid bye to everyone.
Sanky: for me once stop.
He near her and slap her. And remove the fake mask.
San: what do u think I will not find u . I know ur presence becoz once I love u from my heart but now regretting . when u call me sanky I understand u . that poison drama is to win my trust.i will forgive everything but never try to touch my jaan swara ok na.
Police areest kavitha for murder attempt , kidnapping and cheating.swara get discharged.
@ maheswari

Dp: do we get swasan again married.
Swara: no pls if any thing happen likje in previous shaadi, I will die. Pls accep[t me as ur baghu its all I need.
Sanky: ok ur wish granted.
Swara: then mumma do u know know one thing that day in our pooja day u have gifted me a necklace na that should be taken back becoz this house have three bahu everyone have right on it .
Ap: this why u can be recognized easily among thousand of ur look like .
Sanky: that’s my swara sanskaar ki swara.

Recap: jealousy game among swasan. Swasan nhok jhok more and more.


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  2. Your story is really nice but please don’t mix up English and hindi. It looks ugly. Sorry if you felt bad.

  3. Really nice but I don’t understand is kavita sanskriti and the one who came now is swara

  4. When swara got her memory back

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