Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 14)


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Episode 13
a confession eppiiiiiiii
sanskaar most of the days come home late swara feel somethng wrong with his behaviour
thought to ask him . now she is 3month preganant but weak due to the this stress. in hall eveyone having
chitchat then there enter sanky. he wish everyone and try to go to his room but he was stopped by a
faint voice.
swa: sanskaar baath kya hai . tell me pls areu stressed due to any case then i will help you please reveal it na.
san: nothing swara am busy in my new project . that it i know iam not minding u sry.
lk: : wow mom do u hear that our emperor SM is worried for a project. look bhai i don”t
know anythng but am cool.
rag: if u don’t know anythng there is no need of tension u dumb headed hubby.
luk: u fool how dare u .
Disgusted swara give a angry look to those three and leave the scene.
pari: i think her mood is off but my devar very well know to on it is it na.
utt; haa bhabhi . go and propose her again for me last time my entrance are going on i
can’t concentrate on the wordsw . now i note it down ok bhai.
san: i will surely my love guru. and maa &mom its better we fix her marriage other
wise she elope with some one.
utt: bhaiii ………………………
swara in garden sanky and others came there sanky go forward and hold her hand then
began to says these words.
san: Before meeting you, I was incomplete; everything was there, still something was missing; when I met you,
I learn the smile of my life lie in you; thank you to give back my smile. Don’t go away and keep smiling in my life.
One life and one soul share them equally with love and care; no less and no more, make the balance
exactly the same as we love each other; share pain and gain and make the life beautiful and loving forever. Love you.
The journey of life has many ups and downs, has many shades of colors in light and brown; I promise you,
I never let you alone in this ride and we together make the hurdles smoother with love and smile. Love you.
I miss you when you are not around; I want you when you are miles away; my heart aches for you; stay
with me always and don’t go away; the darkness of my life can only be driven out by your smiles. Love you.
SANKY WHISPER TO HER EAR: There’s all the light in the world, and there’s the sparkle in your eyes.
There’s all the happiness in the world, and there’s the smile that spread across your lips.
There’s all the words in the world, and there’s nothing that I could say.

I like it when you look at me with dreamy eyes,
because nothing compares to it.
Not the stars and the moon,
not the rains and the rainbows,
not the mighty mountains and the oceans,
not the flowers and the butterflies,
not the cold mountain breeze,
not even the radiant smile of a child.

You are the only thing I ever really wanted.
And that’s the sin that can’t be forgiven
that I hadn’t done what was necessary.
It feels like insanity, because there’s no sense to it,
nothing but pain and wasted pain…

Truth be told I’ll always want you.
Until every sun goes dark in every sky,
until I am nothing more than long forgotten cosmic dust,
I will want you.
And even then in all of nothingness,
will linger the longing.

I am going to say this only once,
I love you,
In this lifetime, the last and the next
within the confines of insanity, maybe.

I don’t know why
maybe because you are the reason
I wake up every morning
to realize the dream
I had the previous night.

If there is anything that I would like to say,
is Will you marry me.

Shhh! I don’t want you to say anything
There is only so much happiness or grief my heart can contain
If its a yes, hold me like you mean it
If its a no, stay as we are now
You can walk away at sunrise
I can live with a “maybe” rather than a “no”
Hope is a good thing
You are the only one I have.(SOURCE : INTERNET SITE)
San; :pls don’t say that word it hurt to core baby.
everyone clap for them.
i think u like it pls tell me did i want to stop this then sure i will.

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