Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 12)

Next day Mm came back to india.
Ragini in her room thinking of swasan was interupted by the sound of swasthika.
Swasti: maa swara aunty give me this. Pls play it front family she said like that. Ragini rush to hall and annouce this is some proof or video of swasan may i play.
Lk: arey ragu ur once spy there bed room . Chi chi bad girl.
Rag: u fool this is given by swara herself.
They played it consist of sanskaaar old days pic with sujatha Ap .
Some of the reveals the caring face of Dp. Its emotonal presentation.atlast a audio.”TQ MOM,AND MAA FOR GIVING BRITH AND BROUGHT UP SANSKAAR TO GOOD A CARING PERSON. THE WORLD MAY CHANGE THE LOVE FOR U WILL NOT CHANGE.
Ap: oh! How cute.
Lk: from tis i found one thing that others didnot find.
Suja: what?
Ap: what?.
Lk: u guyz gave less love to me when compared to bhai. He made a puppy face.
This made everyone smile.

Days passed out. One day both gadodia and mm were sitting together.
Swasti: dad i want to hear music.
Lk: chill i will sing for u.
Swasti: don’t do that.
Dp: lucky play the music.
When he switched on the musical channel they saw swasan interview on air. When shekar saw swara he feel very sad.
Swa: hai guyz.
Intet: before ending this chat show can u guyz disclose any secret with us.
Swasan in unision.: we are expecting a baby.
Inte: congratz, may this jodi glow like star thanku.
Mm & Gm became happy. That swasan time arrived there with many sweet.
Swara: maa for u.
Ap: love u dear.
San: can we get a room for rent.
Dp: offcourse with pleasure. Giving sweet swara saw shekar and hide behind sanky.
San: don’t worry he will not harm u.
Gm leave there with heavy heart.

Swara in swasan room saw a mice. She scream. Sanky come and
san: what happen ?
Swara jump in the couch. And point towards mice within second sanky also jump to couch and scream. All gather there. Its funny scene in which both swasan is crying like child in fear.

@dining table.
San: lucky i think u want to grow up.
Lk: why bhai?.
San: keep bedroom matters bedroom itself.
Swarag saw ragini ear ring in lucky’s dress.
Lk: what.
Slowly sanky remove the ear ring and give to lucky. Ragini ran into her room in shyness. Lucky stood up and first head towards room then slowly go towards outside .
Swa: what happen go in.
Lucky: no ur sis may kill me.
Screen freeze in happy face of Mm

pre: no wait and watch

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