Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 11)

next day.
Mrnging swsan house calling bell rang. Sanky came to open but shock to see lucky with his child.
Lk: we are new here sir, my child need coffee can u give some milk.
San: ok wait, swara bring some milk, coffee powder, sugar.
Lk: but i need milk .
San: its ok now don’t disturb us pls leave us ok.
Lucky leave with his child before leving swasthika go and hug swara.
Swasti: i always see ur pic in ap daadi and sumi naani. They always said that they miss u. Even maa bhi.
Lk: come with me swasthi . Don’t disturb them.

Before leaving swara plant a kiss on child’s face.
san: today weekend other wise i dn’t get time for u.
Again calling bell rang.
Swa: i will check.
Lk: hai madam i need some bandage. My maa’s hand got hurt. Swara: ok i will get.
Lucky leave there with first aid thngs.
San: they don’t get any other home only ours.
Swa: sanskaar maa’s hand is bleeding can we go and check as a neighbour.
San: ya sure.
Swara wore a sky blue saree wereas sanky wore white t shirt and sky blue blazer.
Swasan rang the bell. Pari open the door and ask them to get in. Everyone became happy to saw them.

Dp: hai namasthe.
San: sure sir. We are here to meet madam from lucky sry laksh we came to know that madam is not well can we meet.
Dp: this much u hate us beta. Sry . And yes u can meet.
Ragini bring Ap. Swasan gave flowers and welcome them for the audio release of swara’s song.
San: we are leaving .
Ap : this much fast.
San: ya for preparation for swara’s audio release.
That time a fan call on her phone for getting clarity she put loud speaker
fan: hai madam i’m very happy to talk t u . And as a couple u guyz rock. But madam do u have any child.
This question made her cry she cut the phone.
San : don’t cry shona.
Swar: my child. Can any maa be creul like me i kill my lol. Iam sry sanskaar.
She ran from there sanky follow her. This made Mm sad.
swara wore a red and black lehanga were as sanky wore red and black shrwani.
Program start with audio relase aftr that fan’s urge swsan to dance and they dance on sanam re.
Aftr that during the party sanky saw swara fall down . He took her to room . He cancel the party mm stay there. Doc came and ask him to stand out for the check up.

Ap come and hold him he hug her and cry a alot.
Ap: what happen why maa ki lori crying. Nothing happen to her. Sanky lie down in sujatha’s lap.
Doc: she is fine.
Sanky and Mm rush to swara.
Swa: did doc tell anythng.
San: no .
Swa; sanskaar i’m fine don’t worry.
Ap : we are leaving today . Pls come back.
San: we think abt that maa.
Screen freeze.

Precap: new entry wait only happiness

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  1. I think swara is pregnant. Anyways nice episode n waiting for next episode

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