Sanskaar ki hai Swara (Episode 10)

Hai guyz today ownward a luk to story.
sanskaar is in hospital evryone is in shock.
Swa: who sent that papers.
Shek:me beta for ur wellbeing……
Swara: i don’t need any well being by leaving his hand. Have can u behave like this to me. For ragini evrytime u leave me along but i don’t show any difference in my love towards u . Using this as advantage ur hurting sanskaar. Ur not able to come near him . U always hurt ur love my mom. Sry ragini but really janki maa is really nice but he is behind ruin of maa’s life. Whenever i need him he backoff the support. How u can this much mean.
Sumi: shoru are u talking to ur baba.
Swa: ya i’m talking to my so called baba.
Shek: how dare u.

He beat her madly like an animal for hurting his self respect of him in front of all . Even sumi stay calm. Angryily Ap stood up and hold his hand but Dp stop her. Raglak also pleaded but in vain. Swara start to scream with pain. Sumi run from there becz she is helpless . Even dadi and sujatha feel bad for swara. Swara fall unconsicous raglak took her to icu.(sry there is miscarriage don’t sad they will soon have a bubbly child). Swara lost her child everyone is in shock she sit like a statue.
Swa: ragini i’m not able live in this i want to die . What will i say to him. Did i lose my child . I want to die she push ragini out and lock the door. She is began to do some thng was stopped by sanky’s sound. She fall down. Sanky break the door and take her to the bed. He sprinkle water on her face.

Swara start to say somethg but he stopped her. Gm and mahewari entr the room . But sanky angrly tell them to stay outside . Aftr making her sleep he slowly come out.
San: how dare u beat my wife. Becoz of u i lost my child and sona’s cute smile because of u i lost my…
Dp: sanskaar respect elder’s.
San: u guzy don’t no sanskaar ki other face which i hide becz swara.
Maa and raglak i’m going to .:

MM goes to london for a picnic. There stay in smart city. Aplace consist of so many villas.
All the mm go for a walk there the saw star couple men wearing white sleevless T shirt and vilolet blazer . Girl wearing violet long skrit and white short top. All were behind them.
Dp to some on : who are they.
Man: top businees man and his wife . She is a good singer.. Everyone admire them.
Ap: luk like made for each other like.
Raglak : like us.
They came under a tree and sit there. Passing foodes gossip, but contd.staring at them. The man hold the hand of girl and sung KABHI GARDISHON KA MAARA
He fill her manng and

Swasthika child of ragini’s ball head towards that couple. Using this as opportunity mm head towards them.
Lk: excuse me.
All are shocked when they saw there face.
Rag: jiju and shona u guyz.
Swara: maa mom ragini tum lokh.
San: swara come with me to home. And nice to meet u guyzz.
Before leaving swara secretly wave hands to mm.
Precap: nhok jhok b/w sanlak.

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  1. Amazing yr

  2. Ur story is awesome…but plz elaborate ur writing n dialogue…after the leap make it slow….u r running with ur story.

  3. nice episode

  4. wow yar u r just awesomeeeee

  5. Nice but i think swara should hate her parents becoz his father her miscarriage and hwr mom stood there

  6. Nice but i think swara should hate her parents becoz his father her miscarriage and hwr mom stood there a girl has lose her child becoz of her parents

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