Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ketki fearing Bhoomi saying if fayibaa gets angry it means ansubaa will get angry. Bhoomi says she will do whatever she can, let her think. Ketki says we dont have milk at home, so forget about preparing the baasundi. Bhoomi is in thoughts. Ketki says are you shocked. Bhoomi says the milk was fresh until now then why it got curdled. Bhoomi thinks and looks at ketki. Ketki says it is just an excuse and fayibaa will not listen to her. Ketki says you have prepared lemon juice naa, might not clean the vessel properly so it got curdled. Bhoomi replies that she cleaned the vessels properly. Ketki says no one can save you now. Ketki pretends saying she is feeing bad and asks when the plane comes for america. When she is still talking nonsense, bhoomi finds

lemon seeds in the milk and are quite shocked to look at it. She shows the lemon seed to ketki and says are you shocked. I feel strange. After making sherbet, I cleaned the vessels so there is no possibilty of lemon seed in it, and it dont have legs to travel all through. Ketki says it might have stuck into the vessel. She says to bhoomi to think what to do with the curdled milk and how will you make baasundi in 45 mins and how will you go to america. She leaves giving a evil smile. Bhoomi is in thoughts.

Karsan comes in the room and says Parul that nothing should be left to take care of fayibaa. He says bhoomi passed the test incidently. Parul is sad and says bhoomi is doing everything to make ansubaa happy and she adjusted well here. She is doing so much hardwork and trying to pass the test with her wit. She says she is trying to accept our values but ansubaa is tough for her. Karsan says he dont like this attitude for bhoomi. He says bhoomi saved fayibaa’s life and ansubaa didn’t thought of it. Karsan asks Parul to go and help Bhoomi in making baasundi. Parul says she saw a confidence in Bhoomi’s eyes and she will make baasundi. Parul fears that if baa will continue to take the tests then bhoomi’s confidence will be lost.

Parul is talking to AnsuBaa and she tells moti behen is the daughter of the house so she should not be let go empty handed. Parul shows her saree, bangles, coconut and sweets. Parul says is anything to be kept. Ansubaa says to keep 1001 Rs shagun. Parul says she will get it from Karsan. Kishan comes there and gives the money to Parul to be given to fayibaa as shagun. Parul is hesitant to accept the money but Kishan says he is the son of this house. Ansubaa again taunts Kishan saying your wife doesn’t show any responsibilty. Ansubaa asks is baasundi ready. Parul says she will go and check. Ketki intervenes and says everything is alright there at the kitchen.

Bhoomi thinks what she shall do and calls her nani but she didn’t pick the call much to bhoomi’s tension. She calls on the landline but her mother picks the call and bhoomi says mom. Her mom asks when are you coming back. She says she will return soon with Kishan to take her blessings. She says she was in problem and was expecting help from her family. She ask for nani. Her mom replies that nani went to club. Her mother is in tears.

Bhoomi searches on the tablet what can be made with curdled milk and finds so many options. She is happy. Fayibaa asks ansubaa is baasundi prepared, time is going. Ansubaa is tensed. Parul says bhoomi is preparing. Ansubaa asks Parul to go and tell bhoomi to get baasundi soon. Ansubaa feas that moti behen will be angry. She says bhoomi dont know how to even boil the milk at her home then how can she prepare baasundi. She says she will prepare baasundi or make fayibaa angry on her. Kishan tells her to think positive and bhoomi will manage. Ansubaa says she thought love to be good but she didn’t know that love is also hopeful.

Kishan comes to the kitchen and asks bhoomi is baasundi prepared. Bhoomi says milk was curdled so she could not prepared basundi. Kishan says she should have tell him, he would have bought the milk from the shop. Bhoomi says ketki told her that the shops are closed. Kishan says you should have told him once. Bhoomi assures him that she will prepare any sweets and fayibaa will not go without eating sweets. She ask kishan to engage fayibaa in his talks and she will cook the sweets. They look happily in each other eyes.

Ketki comes to the kitchen and sees them together eyelocking. She pretends to cough to make them aware of her presence. She tells kishan to agree ansubaa or book a ticket for bhoomi. Bhoomi says she has no plans of going from here and no need to worry about her. She says she will not let fayibaa go with having sweets.

Ketki says hey dwarkhadeesh how innocent is this girl. She asks bhoomi not to make sweet bad. Bhoomi asks her to pray instead of talking. She says fayibaa is punctual and will go at her time. She says tell me before leaving from here, she will come to see her off. Bhoomi says to talk shubh( good) as it is being told by nani. Ketki leaves. Episode ends on bhoomi.

Kishan chachi comes to the kitchen and asks bhoomi what she has prepared. She asks her to taste and tell how it is? Chachi/faiye tastes it and doesn’t say anything. Bhoomi is tensed.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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