Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bharti telling Ankit that Dwarkhadeesh brings them together without their consent. Ankit gets angry. Bharti asks him not to speak loudly. Ankit asks what she wants? She replies that she wants his goodness and can change his destiny. She asks him to meet in her room. Ankit is in thoughts, while Bharti leaves.

Ketki brings sliding chair for Karsan and says she brought this so that he can go easily to the inhouse mandir. Karsan says he doesn’t need it, but Ketki says Dilip will be annoyed if he comes to know that kaka walk till the mandir. Dilip comes there, Karsan tells him that to explain Ketki that he doesn’t need the chair. Dilip says he doesn’t said anything like that and he wants his support. Ketki is annoyed and leaves. Dilip

says sorry to kaka on Ketki’s behalf. Parul says until you take any decision regarding the MD, your bahu (Ketki) will not leave you. They laugh and head towards the mandir.

Ansubaa praises Kanha’s dress. Bhoomi says it is prepared by Bharti. Ansubaa gets happy. Bhoomi tells her about Bharti doing a mannat for Kakaji’s recovery. Ansubaa asks her to teach her how to stitch Dwarkhadeesh clothes. Ansubaa asks them to start the aarti. Bharti says she will first make the rangoli and then they can do aarti. Bhoomi asks her to teach her the rangoli making. Bharti says she will teach her and next time she have to do it herself.

Bhoomi too joins her in making the rangoli. While all the family members wait anxiously for the Puja to start. Bharti asks for Kumkum, Bhoomi goes inside to get it. Bharti mixes acid in the diya. Bhoomi asks everyone to come for aarti. Ansubaa praises rangoli and asks bhoomi to start doing the aarti. Bhoomi lits the diya, and stands for the aarti. Bharti is very happy. Bhoomi starts singing the song aawore saawari……., while doing the aarti. Bharti is waiting for her plan to succeed.

Bharti thinks why is the diya not flickering up the lamp. When bhoomi is done with aarti, Ansubaa asks bharti to give aarti to everyone. Bharti is shocked and scared but somehow gives aarti to everyone. Bharti moves towards Bhoomi and waits for the lamp to burst into fire. Suddenly fire broke out and bhoomi’s pallu catches fire. Everyone panicks, Karsan asks to get some water. Bharti and Kishan saves her from fire. Bharti is angry to witness the proximity between Kishan and Bhoomi when Kishan hugs her. bharti burnt her hands while saving Bhoomi. Parul thanks Bharti for saving Bhoomi’s life and gives her aashirwad. Bharti cries. Ketki asks how the fire broke out all of a sudden. Bharti gets tensed.

Lily fayi says the aarti thali has fallen and it is not a good thing. Bharti says it fell from my hands so Dwarkhadeesh shall punish me. Ansubaa says you saved bhoomi’s life and says nothing bad will happen to them as Dwarkhadeesh is with them.
Bhoomi puts ointment on bharti’s hand. Ansubaa asks her about the pain. Avni says she is superwoman. Parul also says she saved their lives. Bharti thinks time will tell whether life will go or saved. The episode ends on her evil face.

Ansubaa tells Bhoomi that Bharti saved your life so she will take care of me. Bharti says you did right for choosing me so that I will be able to finish my plan soon.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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