Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone being happy with Bhoomi’s pregnancy. Karsan and Hasmukh kaka sing the song Mere ghar aai ek nanhi pari…. Lily Fayi says we want a baby boy like Kishan in this house. Kishan and Bhoomi are in their bedroom and Bhoomi smiles seeing their photo. Kishan looks at her and she asks him what are you seeing like this. He says I m seeing my child’d mum. Bhoomi hugs her and says will you forget you after you get the child. He says no, its like forgetting to take a breath. He lifts Bhoomi and says I m practicing. She says you have to take the baby in your arms, not me. He puts his head on her tummy and asks will it be a boy or a girl. Bhoomi laughs and gifts Kishan. He says gift, she asks him to open and see. He says nice watch. Bhoomi

makes him wear it and says this is your diwali gift, but I thought to combine it with the special moment of our life so I am giving it today.

She hears the watch’s tick tick sound and asks him to wear it always. Kishan promises and says I will think of your face when I see the time. He hugs Bhoomi. She says we will be connected by it. Bhoomi cries. Everyone are making Bhoomi eat. Parul makes Bhoomi eat Dalya. Lily Fayi says I brought sheera for Bhoomi. Ketki brings yogurt for Bhoomi. The men laugh. Hasmukh takes their photo. Everyone have a laugh. Hasmukh sees Kishan and says why are you tensed. Kishan says something can happen if she eats so many things. Hasmukh says Ramila has sent the laddoos for Bhoomi. Hasmukh says I will ask him, if she is ready to eat, then we will make her eat. Karsan comes and says I have come to save Bhoomi.

Karsan makes the excuse and Kishan takes Bhoomi with him. Kishan asks Bhoomi why is she overeating. She says I can’t say no to them, all of them love me. Someone is hiding in the house looking at Bhoomi. Kishan and Bhoomi come to the mandir and Bhoomi prays for the baby and Kishan. She thinks Kishan is tensed about the baby, so make him strong. Kishan says Bhoomi will pray for everyone but not for herself, he says I want to do this responsibility perfectly and wishes the Lord to help him. The pandit blesses them. Bhoomi says Kishan that she will tie the bell and make a wish. Kishan says so much Shraddha. She says yes, the Lord won’t let me down. Kishan says you have become friends with the Lord. Bhoomi says the Lord will fulfill our life with happiness. She ties the bell and Kishan smiles. Something falls near the idol. The pandit sees and gets tensed.

Ansubaa talks to Parul and says this year we won’t be able to play Dandiya. Parul says its fine. She says no one wants to go. Bhoomi comes with Aarvi and says we will go. Parul says you won’t go, how will you play Dandiya. Bhoomi says its boring to stay at home, I know you are not going because of me, I won’t play, but see. Everyone laughs. Bhoomi says I want you all to play Dandiya. Everyone gets ready. Kishan is tensed. Parul asks Bhoomi to ask Kishan to leave. Bhoomi asks him to leave. He says come soon. Kishan looks at Bhoomi and she smiles.

Ansubaa asks Parul to light the diya. Bhoomi says I will light it with Ketki. Bhoomi asks everyone to leave, and she will come after lighting the diya. Everyone shows concern and then leave. The guy calls someone and says Bhoomi is alone at home and they can take advantage of this situation. Everyone start playing Dandiya. Kishan looks out for Bhoomi. Bhoomi is in the house’s mandir lighting the diya. The guy (Amritlal’s son) comes towards Bhoomi. Kishan is tensed about Bhoomi seeing her missing. Parul asks him not to worry. Kishan calls Bhoomi and that guy sees the phone.

Vimla comes and that guy hides. Vimla brings prasad for Bhoomi and asks is no one at home. Bhoomi says everyone went to play Dandiya and I m also leaving now. Kishan is look at the door waiting for Bhoomi. Bhoomi leaves from the house and sees Kishan’s missed calls. She calls Kishan and they are unable to hear each other’s voice. Bhoomi is on the way smiling thinking about Kishan. She records a message for Kishan in her phone. She says you left me and went alone, so I won’t come, but I will come for the family, not for you. She says I won’t play Dandiya with you, it will be a dream.

Kishan tries calling Bhoomi. Parul says Bhoomi came. A truck hits Bhoomi and she falls. Kishan and Parul are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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