Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with fayibaa giving shagun to Bhoomi. Bhoomi is little hesistant to accept the shagun, but kishan nods to take the money. Hasmukh says what is the need? Fayibaa says she saved my life, I must give her shagun. She asks Bhoomi to get the baasundi to her room.
Bhoomi gives the dakhshina for Dwarkhadessh Abshishek to panditji. Panditji blesses her and leaves.

Kishan tells ansubaa that bhoomi gave money tp panditji before 9 pm and asks is this her last test? He asks her repeatedly. Ansubaa says yes she passed the laxmi test but she needs to have annapurna quality also, which your wife dont have. Who doesn’t able to prepare khichda then how can she cook baasundi. She asks Kishan to tell his wife to prepare baasundi in one hour for Moti baa as

she is leaving in one hour. Bhoomi and Kishan are tensed.

Bhoomi tells Parul do not worry and she will manage somehow to cook baasundi. She gives the remaining shagun money to Parul but she declines saying it is her money.

Hasmukh phone keeps ringing and He doesn’t pick it and says he dont have answer to his questions. He says he is restless. Hasmukh son comes there and hasmukh is shocked. His son thinks whenever I see in your eyes, I see a thief, may be I am wrong. Ketki sees them and thinks they behave strangely. She says this house is going from her hands and if bhoomi manages to prepare baasundi then? She says nobody can prepare in my kitchen.

Bhoomi calls her nani and asks her how to prepare baasundi. She is surprised that diet conscious bhoomi is asking her recipe of ghee. she says it is prepared from milk. She says if she tells the recipe on phone then bhoomi will not understand it. She advice her to search on the internet. She is happy and ask her to wish her luck.

Ketki comes to the kitchen and offers to make baasundi for her. Bhoomi says she will prepare it by herself. Ketki says if she fails to prepare then ansubaa will make her khichda and eat. Bhoomi says this will not happen. Bhoomi says she will learn to prepare. Parul comes there and asks did she started cooking. Ketki says she dont know how to prepare and she is not taking my help. Bhoomi tells Parul that she will cook baasundi and Parul trust her saying if she said she will prepare means she will prepare. Parul and Ketki leaves.

Bhoomi comes to her room and starts searching the recipe of baasundi on her tab. Kishan comes there, smiles and holds her lovingly while the sweet music plays.

Ketki comes back to the kitchen and wonders where is bhoomi. She thinks bhoomi took all the ingredients correctly.

Kishan praises her saying you are simply great and says you won fayibaa heart. He says she deserve the prize from him. He in slow motion about to kiss her but she stops him saying she needs to past the last test.
He instead kiss her on her cheeks. Bhoomi says she will go now and prepare baasundi. Kishan says if he dont let her go then. Bhoomi replies that she will fall on the bed with him and it will break like before and this time it can’t be repaired. Kishan says no and they smile cutely and bhoomi leaves.

Ketki’s husband comes to the kitchen. She offers to get water for him. He finds her thinking something and asks what are you doing here. She says she is preparing food. Ketki then sees some lemon and gets an idea. She pours the lime juice in the milk so that it gets curdy. Bhoomi is on the way to kithen and stop by chachi and bhoomi tells her she will prepare baasundi by looking in the tap. She leaves. Ketki says she is preparing puri as it is a good combination with baasundi. Bhoomi finds the boiled milk curded. She is shocked, Ketki smiles and then says now how will baasundi will be prepare. She says your luck is at risk. She tries to fear her. Bhoomi says let her think. Ketki says they dont have milk at home. Ketki asks her to forget about cooking baasundi and Bhoomi is tensed.

Ketki and her husband tells the audience about Sanskaar special episode on 13th May.

Bhoomi finds lemon seed in the milk and shows it to Ketki and says from where it came in the milk. She says you got shocked naa. She says after making sherbet she cleaned the vessels and there is no possibility of lemon seed in the vessel, so from where it came in the milk? Ketki shocked.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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