Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankit who is cutting the grass to feed the cow and tells himself that he was asked to do the odd job and Kishan and Dilip gets all the respects. Ankit’s hand gets cut and Bharti comes and holds his hand. She provokes him to fight and get whatever he wants. Ankit asks her to go but she says she will help him. She instigates him to do something and fight for his right. Ankit asks what she is talking about? Bharti says she will change his luck and will help him getting his rights. Ankit laughs saying you didn’t do anything when Bhoomi married Kishan and you just ran away from here. Ankit says he is not interested in her. Bharti shows him some papers and says she is very much interested in these papers. Ankit is shocked and asks from where she

got the papers?

Ankit says are you threatening me and says he didn’t get scared even from his father. Ankit asks her to do what she wants. After he leaves, Bharti says she will do what she wants. She says try to save you and your family.

Hasmukh comes to Kishan’s room and asks him to sign on the bills. Kishan obliges, Hasmukh tells him how hardworking he and Dilip is. Hasmukh says he is relieved as new generation will take over the responsibility. Kishan says we want your blessings. Hasmukh says do you think we want Dilip like MD, he says he is just saying it as a well wisher of the mill. Kishan is in thoughts. Hasmukh says mota bhai will decide the right man for the post of MD. He says previously, Karsan was selected as MD of the mill and this time I want I want Dilip to be the MD as he is elder than you. Kishan assures him that Dilip will be the new MD. Kishan says he has faith on his dad that he will chose Dilip bhai as a MD.

Bharti says she has done a mannat for the mota kaka’s recovery. Ketki comes there and greets Karsan. She tells him to take rest. She gives him dalya and says it is good for health. She says Dilip didn’t sleep entire night and was worried about his health. Parul thinks she is talking about Kishan, but Ketki clears the misunderstanding and says she is talking about Dilip. Karsan gets happy. Ketki thinks she will make Dilip as a new MD.

Hasmukh comes and asks him about how is he feeling now. Karsan says he is feeling weak. Hasmukh tells him to take the decision on the basis of age, capability and experience. Karsan says he will not do any injustice to anyone. Bharti shows cloth stitching to Parul who gives her feedback.

Bharti thinks she will change everything in this house and will destroy their happiness. She says she will turn the wheels backwards.

Ramila asks Ankit about the wound. Ankit says he was asked to cut the grass. Bhoomi says everyone loves him, but Ankit says only Kishan and Dilip bhai is loved by everyone. He leaves. Bhoomi assures Ramila that she will talk to Ankit. Bharti gives tulsi leaves to Ramila and asks her to eat.

Bhoomi comes to Kitchen, Bharti is speaking about Tulsi leaf. Bhoomi is in deep thoughts. Bharti says to share her thoughts. Bhoomi says she is feeling scared as so much happened since 2 days.

Rest Coming soon..


Update Credit to: Hasan

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