Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara asking what to do with this saree. Dipika comes to Jai’s room and gets misunderstood listening to Jai’s and Dhara’s talk. She is shocked and angry. Jai asks Dhara not to tie the saree partition and sleep. Dipika comes to her room and cries thinking Jai’s words. Chandrika hears Dipika crying and smiles. Jai and Dhara ate together and awake. Dhara hugs Jai in sleep. Avni’s husband is upset with her seeing her sleeping. He packs her bag and argues with her. She asks why are you packing. He says I m sending you to your parent’s house. She is shocked and says I won’t go, don’t send me like this, I won’t give you any reason to complain.

He says I want to come with you, now do you have any problem. He says our flight

is at 7am morning, cook theplas for us. He troubles her in packing. Avni is sad. Its morning, Dipika wears Dhara’s clothes and sits in Jai’s room. He is shocked to see her and asks why are you wearing Dhara’s clothes. She says for you, to get you. He says what, who told you to do all this. She says no one, I don’t want to lose you. You like Dhara, I m ready to become like her, look at me, I m changing, Dhara married you for seven months. She says she has married you for money, but I want to marry you for seven births. She says after what Guru ji said, I did not change my decision.

Jai says I know I married for seven months, you know I was not ready for marriage, now this relation can’t change, I don’t think you can get me if you wait for me, as I have moved on. Don’t feel sad, don’t wait for me, move on in life. Dipika cries and says you are refusing me for Dhara, you think she loves you and sacrificing for you, she married you for money. Jai says even I felt so before, but now I feel she is not doing this for money. She says what if I bring you the proof. He says its her right to do so, she has saved me life many times, its fine with me if she is doing this for money. You are my good friend, don’t wait for me. Dipika is shocked. If you get a good life partner, I think you should move on. Dipika leaves in anger.

She comes to Ketki and cries. Ketki asks what happened. Dipika says Jai has gifted me such gift which I won’t be able to forget anytime. She tells her what Jai told her. Ketki is shocked. She says Dhara has taken my Jai from me. Kekti says I m seeing them change since they came from Mumbai. They are getting closer, I fear that they will become real husband and wife. Dipika says I won’t let this happen at any cost. Dhara is cooking. Lily and Ramila talk what to cook for Avni and Hitesh. Ramila teases Lily. Avni and Hitesh come home. Everyone are happy to see them.

Hitesh gets many calls from his office work. Everyone hear that and feels he is very busy. Lily washes his feet. She does their aarti and welcomes them inside. Lily hugs Avni and Hitesh jokes. Hasmukh laughs and says Lily is very emotional about Avni. Avni is glad to meet Dhara and hugs her. Jai gets a call and talks to his manager. Hitesh hears his talking and thinks of some plan to ditch Jai. Hitesh and Avni sit for breakfast. Dhara says I will serve everyone. Hitesh asks jai to talk to him. Jai says I m annoyed with Avni, she is coming home for the first time after marriage, and she came so late. Hitesh says I ask her to come here but she does not leave me as she loves me a lot.

Dipika brings cake and says I made this at home. Ketki says today is Dipika’s birthday. Everyone sing happy birthday to you dear Dipika. Ketki asks Jai to wish Dipika. Jai says happy birthday Dipika, you did not tell me in morning. Dipika says come here for a moment. She asks for her birthday gift saying promise me you will give me what I ask for. He promises. Dhara looks on.

Dhara tells Parul that Jai is not at home. Parul asks where did he go. Dhara says he went out with Dipika. Parul is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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