Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhoomi meeting everyone and offering them clothes. everyone have a laugh. Kishan’s mum Parul asks Bhoomi to take some rest as she is working since morning. She asks her to have breakfast. Ketki is busy with the baby making laddus. Everyone see her struggle with the baby and laugh. Bhoomi takes the baby and the baby stops crying. Bhoomi says the baby is my friend and laugh. Ketki says are you not getting late now. Bhoomi says we have to get ready and go for the puja. Kishan’s mum asks Kishan is the arrangements done. Kishan says yes. Ansubaa is with Hasmukh kaka and Kishan’s dad Karsan. Ansubaa says we will have our dream come true, Kishan and Bhoomi made the mandir exclusive for our family and today we will have the idol placing day.


tells Hasmukh kaka that everything is done. Bhoomi says we have not done anything, we have fulfilled the dreams of our elders, its out duty. The women ask Ansubaa lets go. Ansubaa leaves with them. Hasmukh kaka’s phone rings and he cuts the call and send Kishan saying some work. Kishan’s dad asks Hasmukh what is the matter, are they calling you again. Hasmukh kaka says yes, they don’t understand. He says its a tension on me. Kishan’s dad says lets say it truly to Ansubaa. Hasmukh kaka says Ansubaa is very happy today, I don’t want to tear her happiness.

The women are making and designing the pots while singing a traditional song. Kishan’s mum says its my first Navratri that we are celebrating without Ramila. Ansubaa says Ramila’s mum is unwell. They wish Ramila comes home before Navratri ends. Bhoomi makes a beautiful pot. She asks Ansubaa whats the reason for placing the pots. Ansubaa explains her with a good answer. Bhoomi smiles and says its a good reason. She asks whats special this time. Ansubaa says we made the mandir on our ancestral land and Dilip’s and Kishan’s child have the right on it. Ketki says I can’t make this thing true as the doctor told me clearly that I won’t have any child now after the first baby Aarvi. Ansubaa says I have faith in Lord.

Ketki says its necessary to have a baby boy. Kishan’s mum says we have Aarvi and she is the house’e Laxmi. Bhoomi tells Lily phui that Aarvi made us seniors. Ketki asks Bhoomi to promote them as well by giving a child who would call her Mota Kaki. Everyone agree and says we need a baby boy from you. Ansubaa says yes, we need a heir now. Kishan’s mum Parul asks Ansubaa not to worry. Bhoomi faints and falls. Everyone shouts Bhoomi.

The doctor comes to check Bhoomi while everyone are around her. Kishan asks what happened to Bhoomi. He gets tensed. The doctor says her BP is very low. Ansubaa says did you hear Bhoomi, she does not listen to us. Ansubaa says we have a big event today and how can we go there without her. The doctor says we can’t take any risk, we will do the tests today. He gives some instructions and leave. Kishan cares for Bhoomi. Bhoomi asks him to relax. Kishan asks her to take rest. Bhoomi says we have to go to mandir. He says ok, but to the clinic first. She says we will go to clinic, then mandir. Bhoomi smiles.

Ansubaa comes to the mandir with Karsan and everyone. They pray and provide food to the needy. Someone is watching the family and Bhoomi Kishan. That guy is signing revenge seeing Bhoomi. Hasmukh kaka gets a call again and Karsan sees him getting tensed. Ansubaa notices this. Ansubaa takes Hasmukh’s phone and Karsan looks on. Ansubaa talks on phone and asks them not to trouble Hasmukh. She says I won’t let the land go in wrong hands. Hasmukh kaka asks Ansubaa not to worry as he will take care of the matter. Ansubaa says we are one family, but the thoughts are not one. She says if the relatives become our enemy, we can’t bear it. She says I know that we have to save your grandfather’s land.

Hasmukh kaka gets the call again. He tells Ansubaa that its not from them. She calms down. They have a laugh. He says the idol is placed well. Everyone does the puja at home too. Karsan and everyone throws flowers at the idol. The doctor is shocked to see Bhoomi’s reports. He says I have to tell this to the family now itself. Everyone are singing and dancing, while that guy enters the house and is keeping an eye on everyone. The doctor is on the way. Bhoomi is dancing with Kishan. Bhoomi starts feeling unwell and is unable to see clearly. She drinks water. Kishan sees Bhoomu and comes to her. He asks what happened, I asked you to take rest. Bhoomi says I m fine, nothing happened. She says lets go as guests are watching us. Kishan calls the doctor but the doctor is driving so does not take the call. Kishan tries calling him again. The doctor reaches Kishan’s house and brings Bhoomi’s report. He tells everyone that he got the reports. Everyone asks what happened to her. Kishan gets tensed.

The doctor says Bhoomi is fine but… you all can’t bear this. Everyone are tensed. Ansubaa says tell us clearly. The doctor says Bhoomi is pregnant. Everyone are happy and smile. The doctor congratulates them.

While the family members are rejoicing about Bhoomi’s pregnancy, someone comes with a rope in his hand( may be Amritlal’s brother) to strangle bhoomi. Unaware of his presence, Bhoomi is doing some work. The guy is walking towards her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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