Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Karsan bringing moti behen into her room and says this is same as she left behind. He request her not to tell anything to ansubaa. Moti behen thinks ansubaa is lucky to have loving son.
Bhoomi ask Kishan why is fayibaa so angry. She asks why fayibaa tells Ansubaa as angrezi aurangzeb. Kishan explains. Bhoomi says but fayibaa is angry on ansubaa because of you but we will agree her but Kishan says she is very stubborn and she will not eat home made food, Kishan thinks of getting food from outside but he wonders from where to get the money. Bhoomi says she will accept defeat infront of ansubaa as they cant provide food to faiyaa. But Parul comes there and tells her that you have to win in any circumstances and your win will overcome all troubles.

Bhoomi says she is at the edge of loss and nothing can be done. Parul says still 2 hours have left, and she will try to agree fayibaa and make her eat food. Kishan and bhoomi says they will try to agree her.

Kishan and bhoomi knocks moti behen/fayibaa’s door. They enters the room and says we brought food for you.
Ansubaa asks Parul did you take food to Moti behen. Parul says kishan and bhoomi went there. Ansubaa scolds her why she allowed them to go to motibehen.

Kishan says you are angry on us naa, so better vent out your anger on us. Fayibaa says I told so told I will not fall prey to you. Fayibaa tells Kishan and Bhoomi that she brought food from her home and she will eat almonds. Ansubaa comes there and moti behen scolds her. Kishan tells her not to scold ansubaa. Moti behen says ansubaa knew about your marriage and she didn’t told me anything. Just then in fayibaa throat almond get stuck and fayibaa is speechless. ansubaa says to call the doctor. Everybody panics. Ansubaa ask her to drink water but bhoomi strictly tells her to stand up and not drink water. she presses her tummy from behind and almond comes out from the mouth. Fayibaa about to speak and bhoomi ask her to keep quiet for 15 mins.

Ansubaa tells her family that nobody speak aloud to fayibaa and she crossed all limits. she dont have values. Ketki says she did this to save money. Baa says she is not having values in her views. Ansubaa tells karsan that bhoomi was speaking with fayibaa as if she is ordering her. Moti behen comes out and says your bahu was ordering me same as doctor orders her patient and I liked it. She praises bhoomi. She says she saved me, you all just standing there. She tells ansubaa that she is dutiful daugher in law. and she is good for kishan and this home. Hasmukh is irked and thinks everything is backfiring. Moti behen says that bhoomi won her heart only in 1 day. She ask bhoomi to make baasundi sweets for her. Bhoomi is shocked and Ansubaa is speechless. Fayibaa goes inside to get her stuff. Parul tells ansubaa that bhoomi saved fayibaa as she has passed the test of dutiful daughter in law.

Servant comes and informs Ansubaa that panditji comes to take the money. Baa tells bhoomi still 5 mins left and she have to give 500 Rs to panditji in this 5 minute and if she not able to give money then she will fail and this test is important and if she fails then it means she fails in all the test. She asks bhoomi what she want to say. Bhoomi and Kishan are shocked.

Panditji comes and baa asks Ketki to bring kesar milk for panditji. Bhoomi decides to accept the defeat as she doesn’t want Dwarkhadeesh abhishek gets cancelled because of her. She goes near ansubaa to accept her failure but just in time fayibaa calls bhoomi. Everybody gets up. Fayibaa gives shagun of Rs.1101 to bhoomi. Hasmukh says what is the need. She shuts him. Bhoomi and Kishan are happy.
Episode ends.

Hasmukh wife tells him in foreign countries people looks so white and she talks about her imported bahu. Hasmukh replies that happiness can be felt by living with the family and not being apart. They tells about Sanskaar special episode.

Kishan asks baa that bhoomi passed the Laxmi test. Baa replies that she must have annapurna quality also. She dont know how to prepare Khichda then how can she cook baasundi.She orders Kishan to tell his wife to prepare baasundi for moti behen in one hour as she is leaving.


Update Credit to: Hasan

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