Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 7th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chandrika speaking sweetly with Jai. Ramila and Hasmukh talk about Chandrika that she is really blind and have changed and became good. Chandrika asks jai to leave. jai is worried about her and apologizes to her. She asks why. He says because you are my responsibility. Dipika comes and says very true, I m sorry that I did not keep proper care of her. Chandrika says you and Dipika are similar, I will wish you become together soon. Dipika smiles. jai asks Chandrika to rest. Chandrika says ask Hasmukh again if he still doubts on me. Hasmukh says no, I don’t have any doubt, I want to regret serving Chandrika. Ramila asks her to do and not just say.

jai leaves with Dipika. Chandrika smiles and gets up. She closes the door. Hasmukh

says today the way Chandrika fell, I believed that she is blind. I m sure now that she can’t see anything, I now agree that she can change. Chandrika removes her black googles and goes infront of the mirror. She laughs as she is not blind. Hasmukh says I will be Chandrika’s support from now. Chandrika says this wound is very small Hasmukh, but you will be more hurt. She says only Hasmukh felt I can see, but now even he trusts me. I can see everything, no one can save you all from me now. She laughs cunningly.

Parul and Lily talk about Chandrika. Dhara asks Parul is there any work for me. Parul asks how was the party. Dhara smiles. Lily says her face shows the party was nice. Dhara says Jai explained mee what to do before reaching the party. Parul and Lily are happy listening this. She says I did not have any problem there. Lily says I think we should also learn that from Jai. Dhara says his friends told that this saree is looking good on me. Lily gets Avni’s call and Avni tells her that she is not coming. Lily asks why. Avni says her husband is busy in his new business. Lily says fine and ends the call.

Avni’s husband comes home. She asks him to sit as she will bring food for him. He smiles. She brings food for him. Some people come to meet him. He is shocked to see them. They ask him to pay the bank installment else they will send him to jail. Avni is shocked. He says I wish I could get a smart wife. he says you could have lied to them to save me that I m not at home, thanks for increasing my problems. Avni is upset. She gets Lily’s call. Lily asks why do you sound upset, did anything happen. Avni says I m not well, I m busy too, I will talk to you later. Lily gets worried.

Dhara, Parul and Ketki have a talk. Parul asks about Chandrika’s health. Dhara says she is better than before. Parul says holi is next month. Ramila says its Dhara’s first holi in this house. Ketki says yes, first and last. Lily comes worried. Parul asks what happened. Lily says I called Avni and she looked upset and worried. Parul says don’t worry, I will talk to her. Lily says her phone is off now. Parul says we will call tomorrow. Lily says I m worried about Avni. Dhara says I give my problems to Kishan ji, you also do the same, don’t worry, Avni will not have any problem. Lily says Avni is lucky to get a Bhabhi like you. I will pray that you stay with us in every festival every year. Parul and Dhara smiles. Dhara hugs Lily.

Dhara comes and sits beside Jai. She asks him to sleep. He says I have some work, you sleep. She looks at him and says good night. He says good night. She rests. His data card gets stuck in her hair. They get closer as jai tries to get the data card. They have an eyelock and Sajna Ve………….. plays…………..

Dhara laughs. Music plays……………… They sleep. Dipika wakes up at night as alarm rings up. Chandrika asks what whats the time. Dipika says its 12 o clock. Dipika says its my birthday today. Chandrika smiles and says congrats. She says jai have wished you right. Dipika is upset. Chandrika asks Dipika to go and talk to jai rather than waiting for his call. Dipika leaves smiling. Chandrika smiles and says you are the one whom I will use and ruin the Vaishnav house.

Dipika comes to meet jai and hears jai and Dhara talking. She get angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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