Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhoomi praying infront of God. Ketki and her husband comes and he throws her on the ground and ask her to take an oath of Dwarkhadeesh and tell the truth. He wants to listen. Bhoomi says why you are speaking like this with bhabhi. He says she broke the compound tap. Bhoomi says why she will do it. He says he is searching for the answer. Bhoomi says you might be just suspecting her and it was an accident. She praises ketki saying she was sweet. Bhoomi says ketki bhabhi did some mistake in the past but that doesn’t mean she will repeat the mistakes. She ask him to have trust on her. Kishan watches them from far. Ketki’s husband ask ketki to learn the values from bhoomi, although she lived in foreign country but she have values. Ketki is annoyed

on bhoomi and says it is happening because of you and she will remember this.

Kishan gets romantic and hugs bhoomi and says he is very lucky to have her. He is amazed how she is keeping all her family members happy and intact. Bhoomi replies that she learnt from his eyes and remaining she learnt as she is living with him. He says learning is different and changing for the family is different. He says today she must passed the test. She says she will.

Karsan tells Parul that panditji will come to take 501 rs abhishekh dakhshina, parul fears how bhoomi will handle. Parul comes to bhoomi and says if she says, she will talk with ansubaa. Bhoomi says it is not right to talk and dwarkhadeesh will solve this problem. Parul says she will parul.
Bhoomi asks Kishan did sudden expenses comes in every with household. She talks about budget and expenses.

Some lady comes to the house and baa wears her pallu and welcomes her as mota behen. Kishan whispers to bhoomi saying dadaji’s elder sister. They are surprised to see her. Ansu baa takes her blessing and she enters. She sits and invite all to take her blessings.

Everyone takes her blessings and she asks ansubaa where is your darling grand son. baa asks Kishan and bhoomi to take moti behen blessings. Kishan and bhoomi come forward to take her blessings and when kishan and bhoomi gets down to take her blessings, she stops them and gets up. Everybody else gets up. She asks ansubaa who is this girl. She says what about your values. She says you married silently. She asks Kishan dont you need elder’s wishes. She tells baa to reply. Baa says sorry and says she herself was not aware of his marriage. she says he went to foreign for work and married there. Moti behen says bahu from foreign. She says she like english but not foreigners.

Kaki says she is gujrati and not foreigner. moti behen taunts baa. Kishan intervenes and moti behen stops her. Ansu baa cries and says her values are broken and life was shaken. Moti behen ask her to stop crying and says it is happening because of you. Ketki is all happy. Hasmukh says they were not aware of the happening. Parul says she will explain to her in which circumstances they married. She says they will do as she say till then you take rest. Moti behen says leave food, she will not even have water. She says she will have water brought from her home. baa says this is your maternal home. Moti behen says you have changed the values. She goes in her room.

Hasmukh taunts kishan and baa. Ansubaa says moti behen doesn’t want to drink water because of kishan wife. She kept all the relations intact and it was at risk because of bhoomi.
Hasmukh appreciates himself saying one phone call to moti behen, and kishan and bhoomi will have to go from here for forever.

Kishan tells bhoomi he have a good news, that they have fond a winner who will go to foreign to meet their relative. He says about sanskaar contest. He tells about the special episode on 13th May. Episode ends.

Something gets stuck in Moti behen’s mouth and she is unable to speak. Ansubaa offers her water, bhoomi ask her not to give water and asks Moti behen to get up and bhoomi starts pressing her tummy from backwards. Everyone shocked.


Update Credit to: Hasan

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