Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika saying why are we doing this for Dhara, who is a maid. Hitesh says yes, she is right, she is not so important, why to give money for her. Hasmukh says Dipika has to go, we have to save her. jai says I will also go to find her. Parul says I won’t let you go alone, I will also come with you. Hitesh fills Lily’s ears against Dhara and says they are wasting money on Dhara. jai and Parul come to the godown where he was caught before. jai and Parul check the place well but Dhara is not there. Parul says trust the Lord, they will show you the way. jai sees a sign. Parul says its Chandrika. Durga calls Parul. She talks to jai and scolds him. She says why did you risk your life.

She says we are helping your family, you should call

us. She says I will come there in the godown. jai says they took Dhara somewhere else. Durga says reach your home. Parul sees Komal’s earring. She thinks its Komal. jai says it means Chandrika lied to us that she went with Komal to her mum’s house. He says Chandrika is after all this. He sees more signs and shows it to Parul. He says Dhara left this clues to that we can reach her. jai thinks about Nanku and Aarvi. He says did they take Dhara to her home. He asks Parul to inform Durga. Parul says the mobile battery is dead. jai says you go home, take everyone and come there. I will go there.

Parul says I won’t let you go alone. He says nothing will happen to me, I m going to my protective shield. Chandrika thinks jai can never reach here, as I have kept Dhara in her own house. Dipika gives the money to the goons. The goons take her car and leaves. Dipika shouts stop, my car, help me. She cries. jai reaches Dhara’s house. Chandrika is happy to see the money and smiles seeing the land papers. She says Ansubaa, you have refused to give us our land and so I have to do this helplessly. She says now this land is mine. She sends the goons out. Chandrika calls Paritosh and says we have won, I have done my work, come here with Vilas and we have to see Dhara and Komal. Then we will leave this country. Chandrika is shocked to see jai. Dhara gets happy seeing him. Komal smiles. Music plays…………

Chandrika says its great you came to die. She says I m going to kill three of you. jai says you think you are strong. He says Dhara has left the clues about you. Chandrika says one day people had to know what type of player I m, but you came late. jai says its not late, time can’t bound truth. He says I will win today and take my Dhara from here. Chandrika stops him at gun point saying I will shoot. She says I got the temple land papers also. jai is shocked.

Chandrika says I will count till three and shoot you. She counts 1 2 3. jai fools chandrika and kicks the gun. Chandrika calls her goons. The goons come and beat jai. jai fights with them. Chandrika picks the gun. Dhara throws a pole on Chandrika and her gun fall. jai beats the goons and Dhara looks on. Chandrika holds Dhara with a knife on her neck. Chandrika scolds Dhara and says who would like to die first. Durga shoots Chandrika and arrests her. jai and Dhara have an eyelock. jai thanks Durga. Durga says it was my duty and says you both love each other a lot. She says the fate united you again.

jai asks Dhara are you fine. Dhara cries and says why do you risk your life to save me. He says I learned this from you. He hugs her. Sajna Ve……………..plays…………… Ansubaa asks what happened to Dipika. Karsan says the goons took her car, she walked 5kms. Karsan apologizes to Hasmukh for doubting on him. Hasmukh gets emotional. Ansubaa looks at him. Everyone are happy seeing jai and Dhara at the door. Parul does their aarti. Dipika stops Ketki and signs not to go. Sanskaar……….plays…………. Parul says Dhara you are really jai’s protective shield. Ansubaa says I told you Dhara will bring jai home before Maha Shivratri. They will do the puja now. Dipika thinks I won’t let this happen, I have the right to be jai’s wife.

jai talks to Dhara and Sajna Ve………….plays……….. jai says it means we are each other protective shield and we should be always together.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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