Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai asking Dhara are you tensed that you are going to meet my friends. She says no. He explains her how to talk to his friends and says you can speak in hindi if you don’t know english, I don’t have any problem. Dhara smiles. Jai says sit calmly and relax, you have food there with hand and if you want to eat by fork and spoon, I will teach you. He holds her hand. Sajna Ve…………….. plays………………. He says now you are tension free right, lets go. Dipika thinks about Dhara and is angry in her room. She thinks even if I try, Dhara always wins, but this time I will play such cards that Dhara has to lose.

Chandrika asks Dipika to read Ramayan for her. Dipika agrees. Dipika reads the Ramayan for Chandrika. Chandrika

smiles. Dipika gets an idea from the Ramayan. Hasmukh shows the railing cut to Ramila. Ramila asks whats this, what did you go, if Chandrika really falls and dies then what. He says she won’t fall, she will see that railing is not here and will stop. Ramila asks what will you do that she will come running. He says I have thought about it. He thinks about Chandrika that she is scared of lizards. Hasmukh and Ramila laughs. Hasmukh says now you know what you have to do. Ramila says yes and leaves. Hasmukh smiles.

Jai and Dhara reach the destination. Jai says thank you for learning so well, you were superb, your grasping power is good. Dhara says you taught well so I learned. He says you are amazing and smart. He explains her about Kishan ji and Arjun. She praises Kishan ji. They have a talk and music plays…………… Jai says fine, the credit goes to both of us, lets go now. Ramila comes to Chandrika with a sweepstick. Ramila cleans the floor and walls. Dipika asks what happened. Ramila says there is a lizard here. Chandrika is scared. Chandrika runs hearing the lizard’s name.

Hasmukh records her in his mobile phone. Chandrika does not see and falls off the railing. Jai and Dhara come back. Everyone see her falling and are shocked. Everyone run to see Chandrika. Hasmukh says it means Chandrika has really got blind. Everyone are shocked to see the railing cut. Ramila looks at Hasmukh. Ansubaa says call the doctor. Karsan calls the doctor. The doctor comes and treats Chandrika. The doctor leaves. Karsan asks the carpenter who asked you to cut the railing. The carpenter looks at Hasmukh. Karsam scolds him. He names Hasmukh. Everyone look at Hasmukh and are shocked.

Everyone tell Hasmukh that he should have not done this. Chandrika got punished by the Lord. Ramila says I explained him but he did not listen to me. Ansubaa scolds Hasmukh and Ramila. She says Chandrika is our daughter, you don’t have any right to do this with her. Ansubaa asks them to apologize to Chandrika. Hasmukh says I m sorry, this punishment is very small. Hasmukh and Ramila apologize to Chandrika sitting on their knees and folding hands.

Chandrika says no, don’t apologize, I don’t have any complains with you. She says even if you don’t trust me, you can take me to any doctor. Hasmukh slaps himself being ashamed of his act. He says I m sorry Chandrika and leaves. Ansubaa asks jai to take Chandrika to her room. Ansubaa asks Dipika to take good care of Chandrika. She asks how did you neglect her. Ansubaa scolds Dipika for being careless and praises Dhara. Dipika gets angry. Ansubaa leaves angrily.

Dipika is angry on Chandrika and thinks what to do with her. Dhara comes to her and returns her jewellery set. Dipika asks Dhara to look down and says Jai and this set are mine. Dhara says I know, I will return Jai on the right time. Dipika says it does not look you will keep your promise. Dhara says I will keep my promise. Dipika says lets see. Dhara says I got this chance to take care of Jai by Kishan ji and I m happy, I will have these memories with me to spend my life. Dipika taunts her and says now only two months are left, then you leave us forever.

Hasmukh talks to Ramila about Chandrika. Chandrika is not blind but acting. Chandrika smiles as she fooled Hasmukh.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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