Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chandrika catching a hitting ball and Dhara watching her. Dhara says I now know your truth, I will reach Jai by you. Chandrika leaves with Komal. Dhara follows Chandrika. The goons look out for Jai. The goons say he has run away but the door was locked, he might be hiding here. Jai hides from them. Jai is caught by the goons again and is beaten up. The goons take out a knife and walks towards Jai. Dipika brings Parul to the kidnappers to give them money. Parul asks is this the address. Dipika says yes. Parul says then why is no one here. Chandrika tells Komal that she is not blind. Komal is shocked. Chandrika says I m not blind and I have not changed, I m the same Chandrika.

Komal says it means you have kidnapped jai. Chandrika says

yes. Komal asks where is he now. Chandrika says there, he is safe and resting. She asks Komal to rest and makes her smell chloroform. jai saves himself from the goons. He beats the goons and run away. Chandrika is shocked to see jai escaping. The goons come to take money from Parul. Chandrika calls them and asks them to take Parul and Dipika. Parul gets a call from jai and he says he is reaching home. She tells him about money. jai asks her to come home fast. Parul asks Dipika to drive fast. They run away from the goons. The goons calls Chandrika and says someone called and the women ran away.

Chandrika sees Dhara and smiles. Parul tells everyone that jai is safe and everyone are happy. jai comes home. Everyone smile seeing him. Ansubaa hugs him. jai asks where is Dhara. Ansubaa says maybe in her room. Ketki goes to call Dhara. Parul and Dipika come home and are happy to see jai. Sanskaar……………plays……………. Jai thanks Dipika for bringing Parul there. Ketki says Dhara is no where in the house. Everyone get worried. jai asks where is she. Chandrika has kidnapped Dhara now and makes her and Komal stand on the balance.

Chandrika says your Kishan ji wants me to win. Dhara says my Kishan ji is always with me, I will win this time. Chandrika says we will decide later, see who will save who. She laughs and if anyone of you move, the other will die. Chandrika scolds Komal and says save her if you love Dhara. Chandrika says jai reached home. I m going to call him to give info about you, he should come to save you right. Chandrika calls jai and says Its good you are back, Komal and I are at her mum’s place.

Chandrika is happy that she can use Dhara now. Komal asks Dhara how will we leave from here. Dhara says I m sure my Kishan ji will send someone to help us. She asks her not to worry. She says I have left a thing for jai. He can come to us. The goons call jai and tells him that Dhara has been kidnapped by them. jai and everyone are shocked. The goons ask for money. jai says I need proof. The goons asks jai to send Dipika and not send police. jai says we will give money after seeing Dhara. Chandrika smiles and says I m sure they will give money and send Dipika to save Dhara.

jai asks Dipika to go with the money. Dipika says how can I go. She says you are risking my life. I don’t know why are we doing this for a maid.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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