Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ansubaa asking Karsan whether he is tensed about something. she asks him to tell her or Parul. Karsan says there is nothing like that. she says she can sense the tension which he seems to be going through. Karsan about to says something but he gets shaken as if he get paralytic attack. Ansubaa and Parul are worried. Parul shouts for Kishan and asks him to call the doctor immediately. The doctor comes and checks on karsan. Ansubaa asks him what is the problem?

Doctor says there is nothing to be worried about, and says he is suffering from high blood pressure but it is now under control. Doctor asks him to take complete bed rest and no tension and worries. He asks him to retire from work and leaves. Karsan is worried about mill work. Ansubaa

says children will take care of it. Karsan says he thought to resign from the MD post of the mill and hand over the responsibility to the deserved member of their family. Hasmukh says he will take care of mill. Ansubaa says no, you will not take care of the mill.

Karsan also says Ansubaa is right as we can’t do according to the modern ways. He says we shall give the responsibility to the new generation. Hasmukh says they are not experienced. But Karsan says they do work on laptop and finishes the work faster than us. Ansubaa agrees to him. Kishan doesn’t accept his decision. Dilip also says the same. Ansubaa says this is the right time to hand over the responsibility to the new generation. She says you will take a decision on who will be taking over the responsibility of the MD and we will all agree to it.

Ramila says Hasmukh that Mota bhai is right and he will decide thinking about the betterment of the family. Ketki also says the same. Mayank says but it is not easy, as mill work is increasing and in some days our business will value crores of rupees. Bharti sees Kishan and Dilip coming from the opposite side and thinks before she could do anything to break the family, this happened which will break them. Mayank says t
he responsibility shall be given in the right hands. Hasmukh thinks he will not keep quiet and see the happenings.

Kishan is tensed. Bhoomi says it is not a big problem and Papa will be fine. Kishan says papa is tensed about taking a decision for the MD. Bhoomi says Dilip bhai will become the MD as he is experienced and has worked under Papa. She asks him to sleep.

Ketki tells Dilip to fight on his own. Dilip doesn’t understand, Ketki says taking care of the mill since long so tell Kaka that you are the most deserving candidate. Dilip says he don’t care who becomes the MD, either him or Kishan. Ketki says it does effect her and she will make sure that he gets the MD post.

Ramila asks Hasmukh to sleep, but Hasmukh says go and sleep or else your hole in the heart will become big. She leaves. Hasmukh thinks he will have to do something which may help him to win the MD post. Mayank says he is not in the MD league. Lily fayi gets up and says he must have got gas problems.

Ankit says to himself that he is not in the league of MD and he too have to become the servant like his father. he thinks to do something.

Next morning, Kishan wakes up and thinks where is Bhoomi? He comes out of the room and sees Bhoomi and Bharti laughing, he asks what is that which makes you both laugh. Bhoomi says she is laughing hearing about his childhood days. Kishan says to Bharti not to pull his leg. Bharti leaves. Kishan says thank you to Bhoomi for agreeing to keep Bharti at their house. Bhoomi says she didn’t do anything great. Kishan says that’s why he loved her a lot.

Bhoomi is working in the kitchen but Ketki says she will handle kitchen and gives her to take care of the puja. Ketki tells Ankit to feed the cow, but Ankit gets angry and says he will not go. Dilip comes and asks about the matter. Dilip asks him to go and feed the cow. ankit says he will not go. Bharti says she will go and feed the cow. Ansubaa says only Ankit will feed the cow today. she says it is our duty to feed the cow ganga as she is like a member of this family. Ansubaa asks Ankit to learn how to talk with Dilip and Kishan. The episode ends on Ankit’s irked face.

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