Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone talking about Jai. Ansubaa says my heart says Jai will come today. Hitesh acts sweet to everyone and the kids. Lily smiles. Karsan is impressed by Hitesh’s words. Hitesh is happy that everyone are coming in my words. He thinks once Jai comes back, I will ask for my share. Chandrika tells Ansubaa that its Maha Shivratri, shall I go to the temple with Komal. Komal is with Dhara and talks to her. Komal praises her family. Water falls and Dhara thinks about the outhouse water disappearing near the wall. She goes to the outhouse and checks the wall. She puts water there and ut passes through the wall.

Dhara says it means there is something there. She puts a paper through the wall and says its going inside, it means I have to find

out. She knocks at the wall and moves the cupboard. She moves the door and is shocked to see inside. Jai is not there. She finds Jai’s shoes there and says its Jai’s. She asys ut means Jai was here, they had prisoned him here, where is he now. Jai is somewhere else. His hands are tied. Dhara tells everyone that Jai was in their outhouse. Dhara cries and says I went there so many times, but I could not know he was there. Dipika thinks Parul will be angry on Dhara. Parul hugs Dhara. Everyone smile. Parul thanks her for finding this out.

She says you were near to him, so he was safe. She says you are his protective shield, really. Ansubaa says now tell Parul, Dhara did the Anushtaan or Jai’s wife. Parul says my Dhara. Dhara smiles. Parul says we have to find it where is he. Karsan says I think they have shifted Jai. Ansubaa says tell this to Durga. Durga comes and says we know this. Dhara asks how. Durga says Ravi told us. Parul says where is Jai now. Durga says Ravi does not know where is Jai shifted now, but we will find out soon. Chandrika smiles and says I did not learn to lose. I have taken Jai away. Durga says a family member is doing this. Karsan says why do you feel this.

Durga says the man knows about outhouse. It was a good planning that he kept Jai at home. Ansubaa says I know who did this, looking at Hasmukh. Durga says I know, I took Hasmukh there, I don’t think he is involved. Ansubaa is shocked. Ravi took his name but could not proof. Ravi does not know his number. Ravi gave his name to divert us. Hasmukh says you feel I m innocent, but out Ansubaa trusts strangers than family. Dhara says did you find out about the number. Durga says we will know about it and we will find Jai soon. Chandrika is tensed.

Jai is in a drum. Durga says how will we reach the culprit. She says maybe we will receive the call today and the family will agree to give them money, inform me. Dhara sees the sim card and gives it to Durga. Durga comes to know its the same number that was in Ravi’s phone. Durga says it means the kidnapper is in this house. She says the person is scared as he knows we will find him soon. Chandrika thinks of going else Durga will catch her. Dilip and Ketki have a talk.

The kidnappers call and asks for their ransom money. They ask them to come to a place and gives the address. Parul says I will go to give them the money. Dhara says I will come with you. Everyone looks on. Chandrika smiles. Hasmukh says no Dhara can’t go. Dilip says you both don’t know driving. Ketki says Dipika will go, she knows driving. Parul asks Dipika to come with her. Dipika gets worried and says yes. Dhara says I will also go. Hasmukh says no, it can risk Jai’s life. Dilip asks Dipika to update him. Ansubaa says lets arrange the money.

Karsan says we will infrom Durga if its needed. Chandrika says I m going to temple with Komal. Komal asks Dhara to call her as Chandrika is much worried about Jai. Chandrika says my phone is off. Dhara thinks its Chandrika. Dhara looks at Chandrika.

Dhara comes to know Chandrika’s reality and says I will reach Jai from you.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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