Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bharti getting emotional after entering her room and says this was my room but Bhoomi says this is your room. She hugs Bhoomi. Bhoomi sees her injured hand and puts and ointment. Bharti thanks her and says she spent her childhood days here, she lost and got so many things in this house. Bhoomi says I didn’t do any favour on you but I tried to rectify the mistakes. Bharti says we will start a new relation and they becomes friends. Bhoomi asks her to rest but Bharti says she will help ketki in kitchen work. They smiles.

Ketki gives Jaljira water to Ansubaa to drink. Kishan and Dilip talk about the order. Dilip shows Karsan about order details on the laptop. Karsan didn’t understand anything and asks Dilip to get everything on paper.

Kishan says where there is a wish there is a way. Ansubaa says it is true and Bhoomi proved it by bringing Bharti. She praises Bhoomi, Karsan also praises her. Dilip says Kishan is lucky to have Bhoomi as his wife.

In the kitchen, Bharti tells Bhoomi that you didn’t know anything about Kitchen work when I used to stay here but now you are doing it well. Ketki says she learnt to do the work. Ketki asks Bharti aren’t you feeling everything changed. She says in our home, everything is changing.

Karsan wishes Ansubaa and sits for dinner. Ansubaa sees Karsan worried and asks what happened. Karsan says he is unable to understand anything while making the bill on the laptop. Ansubaa jokes and tells Parul to give 1 week food to Karsan so that he eats everything at one go. Ansubaa says you will learn it slowly in 10-15 days. she tries to explain him that slowly you will learn it.

Ankit receives some courier and says it came from America. Kishan sees the courier and tells Ansubaa that it is the picture of the same shirts which Bhoomi designed with Bandhini patch. Ansubaa jokes she didn’t remember anything. Kishan says it is sent by Paddy Bhai and reads Paddy Bhai’s letter that four companies are giving them the order. Ketki says again everyone will praise Bhoomi. Everyone else feels happy.

Kishan helps Bhoomi in kitchen work but Bhoomi says she dont want any help from him or else people will think she finishes the work fast because of him. Bhoomi says she dont want anyone to think she is weak. Kishan says will you taunt me all my life. Kishan says sorry. Bhoomi says I forgive you. Kishan says I am very sorry for hurting you. Bhoomi says its ok. Kishan gets romantic and they hug each other. Bhoomi tells him that she was scared when Panditji told her about the troubles coming in their lives. She says she was relieved when everyone reached home safely. Bharti looks at them and leaves without saying anything.

Bharti comes to her room, takes the calender and looks at it. She marks the date “5th August” on the calender and thinks of the flashback scenes when she was insulted at the Vaishnav house. She then remembers Ansubaa’s words that Bhoomi’s opinion matters to her a lot. She says only 31 days are left for this family to break. It is time for them to repay. She says she is not interested in Kishan anymore and she came here with the mission of revenge. She is determined to change their happiness into sorrows. She says she will divide the people of this house and she promised this to Ansubaa and herself. The episode ends on her determined face.

Ansubaa tells Karsan that she is sensing him to be in tension since yesterday. Karsan tries to speak but he gets paralytic attack. Parul rushes to call Kishan and Dilip while Ansubaa is shocked.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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