Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara and Dipika having an argument. Jai asks Dipika why is she overreacting. Dipika gets angry and leaves. The coffee falls on Jai. Jai turns to Dhard and Dhara cleans the coffee marks. Dipika is angry seeing Jai care for Dhara so much, she says Dhara can never become Dipika and Jai is only mine. She says now you see Dhara, how I make Jai mine in some time, he will be closer to me. She thinks of some plan. She breaks a flower vase and acts as if she fell. Jai comes and asks whta happened. Dipika says I slipped on the stairs, I can’t even walk. Dipika looks at Ketki and smiles.

Jai holds Dipika and takes her to her room. Dipika smiles. Ramila wonders how did Dipika fell. Dipkika feels Jai cares for her and is happy. She says

its aching a lot, I m afraid. He says nothing happened, don’t worry. He asks where is Chandrika. Dipika says Komal took her to garden. Dhara comes with the first aid box. Jai says the doctor will come soon. Dipika says no need, I will be fine. Jai says I don’t know all this. Dhara says Jai did my hand’s dressing in Mumbai. Dipika is angry and asks Jai to do the dressing. Jai asks Dhara to do it. Dhara says I don’t know how to do. Jai says I will tell you, you just do. Dhara does the dressing and this annoys Dipika.

Dhara gets hurt and Jai cares for her. Dipika gets super angry seeing this. Nanku comes bringing Jai’s phone. Jai says its Avni’s call and leaves. Dhara asks Dipika do you need anything. Dipika says I want my Jai, leave from this house and Jai’s life soon. Dhara says I have him with me for seven months, I won’t go anywhere till then.

Jai talks to Avni. Chandrika comes back with Komal. Jai asks how are you. Chandrika says fine and asks how was your honeymoon. Jai says it was good. Chandrika asks what did you bring for me. Hasmukh looks at Chandrika and says she is playing a good game. He says I will win in this game, as I m not the one to lose. Lily asks Avni to come for two days to meet Dhara. Avni says I will talk with my husband and let you know. Her husband cuts the call and asks her to give the phone. He says I have to make an urgent call and calls his friend. Avni feels upset.

Dhara have a talk with Parul and Lily about Avni. Lily asks where are your jewellery Dhara. Dhara says it got lost. Everyone are shocked. Dhara cries. Ketki says how can you be so careless, how can you lose such costly jewellery. Ketki scolds Dhara for wearing, she says it was Dipika’s. Parul says enough Ketki, let Dhara speak. Parul asks Dhara what happened. She says I trust Dhara a lot, it can’t be Dhara’s mistake. Dhara tells them about someone robbing them in Mumbai. Parul is worried. Parul says it means you got hurt to save the mangalsutra.

Parul tells Ketki see what Dhara did, it does not matter to me infront of Dhara. Jai is fine only because of this Laxmi Dhara. Ketki says I m sorry, its my mistake always. Ramila comes and says a jeweller came, did you call him. Parul says I did not. Lily asks for the jewels. Parul smiles. Parul asks Dhara to come with her. Parul asks the jeweller who called you. Jai says I called him.

Parul asks why. Jai says Dhara lost her jewellery in Mumbai, so I thought to make some new jewels for her. Dipika and Ketki looks on. Ramila and Parul laugh. Jai is shocked to see Dipika in the hall. Dipika says I m fine now. Jai says we won’t have food at home today, Tewur and Sheetal has invited me and Dhara. Lily is happy too. Jai asks Dhara to select some jewels for her. Dhara says you select for me. Dhara tries some and Jai gives his nod to the one he likes. Dhara smiles. Ketki tells Dipika see what Dhara is getting. Dipika says she has taken Jai from me. I m not going to tolerate that. Dhara says I liked this one, to the one which Jai chose for her. Jai sweetly smiles.

Dhara asks Jai shall I wear salwar kameez or saree. He says I want you to wear saree. Sajna Ve ………… plays………….

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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