Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhoomi and Kishan trying hard to repair the leaking tap and they succeed. Bhoomi holds Kishan hands and thanks him. The scene is cute as they hold the hands looking into each other’s eyes. As the sequence of the broken tap complimented both of them.
Kishan tells her to bring a cloth from store room and they will tie it hard on the tap. Ketki calculates the expenses which Bhoomi have to spend. She asks Bhoomi, and Bhoomi replies that it is temporarily repaired. Someone comes and says they have some lakhs of couples but never saw anybody like them. Until they are together nothing is impossible for them. Ketki says lets go and find out who wins, their love wins or water blows. She says you also see now.

Ketki and Avni are shocked to

see the tap repaired and thinks Kishan has became a plumber in Bhoomi’s love. While Parul watches happily. Bhoomi and Kishan happily look at each other. Ketki is disgusted. Kishan says he knows how to repair it.

Just then tap water again blows up and Ketki is happy to see it. Parul ask Avni to bring two buckets. Bhoomi and Kishan tries their best to repair it, but fail as water doesn’t stop. Bhoomi says to Kishan they will get it repaired by the plumber as working on it is of no use. Kishan says let today be gone anyway. Bhoomi says we should not waste the most important water resource. Everybody smiles happily at Bhoomi’s wit. Baa tells Karsan about Akshaya tritiya being the best day of the year and it is a good start. He also agrees. Plumber comes and tells them he came to repair the compound tap. Avni tells Baa that compound tap is leaking and she is going to bring the bucket.

Plumber says it will be repaired in 250 Rs. Kishan says he can’t give that amount. Plumber says what is the worth of 250 Rs for you. Kishan says today he can’t give, if you want you can do or else he will call any other plumber. Plumber agrees for 150 rupees.

Baa asks Ketki how this happened? She replies she don’t know. Plumber repaired it and Kishan pays him 150 rupees. Kishan says next time he will pay him extra 100 rupees. Baa asks Kishan how is the test going on of your wife. Bhoomi replies that all her money is spent. Baa says half day is remaining and you spent all the money. Baa says problems do arise but it is upto us to resolve it our way.

Baa says you have the time till 9 pm. She asks Parul whether food is ready. Ketki says they have to prepare cashew vegetable dish. Baa says let it be they will eat whatever is prepared. Baa thinks of the flashback. Kishan and Bhoomi are tensed. Kishan consoles Bhoomi.

Karsan comes to Baa and says he wants to talk with her regarding Bhoomi. He says he feels that baa is strict with Bhoomi. Baa says she never thought he will ask this question to her. Baa is concerned about Bhoomi’s background and she thinks whether Bhoomi will be able to take the responsibility or not. she says if Bhoomi is gold then she will brittle and come out. Karsan gets a call from pandit. Karsan informs baa that they have to do the abhishek for the poornima. Pandit will come and take 501 Rs shagun. Baa asks Karsan to tell Bhoomi to get ready 501 rs in the evening. Karsan is shocked.

Avni ask her mother what is she searching. She says she is searching the medicine prescription of her father.
Avni offers to help her find it. Avni finds plumber bill and says compound tap was changed a month ago and wonders why it leaked. They decide to talk to ketki.

Ketki’s husband scolds her and ask her how the compound tap leaked. Ketki is shocked. She acts innocent. He says he knows that she has broken it so that Bhoomi spend all the money given by Baa and gets failed. She says she didn’t do anything. Her husband ask her to take oath of God or else go to Ansu baa and truth will be decided.

Bhoomi prays to God Kishan and says she will not lose hope, what if she don’t have money but she still have her courage and if she fails, her love will fail and when you are with us how can we fail. Episode ends on Bhoomi’s determined face.

Some guests come to the house and says hello to baa calling out her name. Baa wears her pallu.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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