Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ansubaa’s telling Bharti that she proved to be wrong when she took the decision for her and now she left the decision on her whether to come to Krishnagiri. Karsan also asks her to come to their house. Avni says you will be coming with us now. Bharti says she will come with her Bapu. Finally she agrees to go with them.

All the family comes back home. Bhoomi opens the door and is shocked to see them with some bandages. Kishan asks what happened? Ansubaa tells them about the bus accident and how Bharti saved them. Bhoomi is shocked to listen Bharti’s name. Kishan gets surprised and says Bharti saved all of you. How she reached there. Karsan asks Bharti to come inside. Everyone looks at her while she is about to enter the house. Ansubaa

asks her to stop and says you are this house daughter and will always be. I know you took this decision after a lot of thinking. Everyone is happy to welcome you but still Kishan and Bhoomi opinion have to be taken.

Kishan opines that it is good if Bharti stays her at their home. Bharti smiles. Ansubaa asks for Bhoomi’s opinion. Bhoomi after a lot of thinking is about to say something. But Ansubaa tells Bharti, when Bhoomi came to this house it had an affect on your life and now when you came here, it may affect Bhoomi’s life too.

Ansubaa says she wants Bhoomi’s acceptance to Bharti’s stay in this house. She says Bhoomi is the daughter of this house and Bharti is like a daughter. If Bhoomi can forget and accepts her, then it is ok or….. Bhoomi says there is no reason for her to say no and Bharti can stay here. Bharti smiles now. Ansubaa says she learnt from her mistakes that’s why she wants Bhoomi to take time and think. She says she wants Bhoomi to decide, afterall it is a matter of three lives and the relations they shares.

Bharti says she feels Bhoomi is in dilemma and that’s why she went from here. She says you want to make me your Bahu but Bhoomi became your bahu. I accepted that and I will never come in between Kishan and Bhoomi. She says she will leave, but Bhoomi stops her. Bhoomi says she did a favour on her by saving her family. She welcomes her and says she dont have any problems if Bharti stay here. Ansubaa praises Bhoomi to be different and unique. Bhoomi asks Bharti to come inside. Ketki sees her entering the house and is shocked, while the Pandit words plays in the background.

Bhoomi asks Bharti to keep the garland on Dwarkhadeesh. Bharti gets teary eyed. ( it seems she is acting innocent and actually came to take the revenge). Ketki thinks why this servant came here. Bharti sings bhaan while Bhoomi do the aarti. Bhoomi gives prasad to Ansubaa. Ansubaa sees the bangles in Bhoomi’s hand and asks about it. Bhoomi tells about Maha rishi giving her the bangles. Ansubaa gets happy hearing that and gives Aashirwad. Bhoomi asks Bharti to come along with her. Bharti keeps a bad eye on Bhoomi’s hand print on the wall, says it looks beautiful and you deserves to be the bahu of this house. The episode ends on Bhoomi’s smiles.

Precap: Bhoomi says she wants to rectify the mistakes. Bharti says she forgot everything and new relation will start between them.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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