Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai thinking about Dhara and Parul’s words. Jai thinks Dhara is my protective shield, if this is true, then why did Dhara accept that she married me for money, what was all that. He looks at Dhara while she is asleep. Her hand is hurt and he cares for her hand. Dhara opens her eyes and smiles looking at him. She prays to Kishan ji and wishes the moment holds. Jai gets Dipika’s call and Dhara is worried thinking about Dipika’s words and her promise to Dipika. She thinks how can I make a mistake to dream of getting Jai. Jai asks Dipika how are everyone, why did you call at night. Dipika says I called to talk to you. Jai says are you out of your mind, see the time. Dipika says sorry. Jai says we are coming tomorrow. Dipika says you

sleep now, I m sorry. Jai ends the call. He looks at Dhara and sleeps.

Its morning, Dipika is happy that Jai is coming back and gets well dressed. Ketki comes and Dipika sings Dil to Pagal Hai and dances with her. Ketki asks what happened. Dipika asks how am I looking. Ketki says beautiful. Dipika says Jai is coming. Ketki smiles. Dipika says I will do magic on Jai that he will spend his time only with me. Aarvi comes and says Dhara and Jai came. Everyone wait to see Jai. They ask Aarvi where is Jai. Aarvi says we saw them coming. Dipika says I will see them. She sees Jai buying flowers for Dhara.

She gets angry. Dhara smiles looking at Jai and talks to her Kishan ji. Dhara’d hand aches and Jai gets worried for her. Dipika gets angry seeing Jai and Dhara together and closer. Dipika shouts Jai. Jai looks at her. She says come, everyone are waiting for you. Jai and Dhara walk in. Jai greets Parul and she blesses him. Parul is happy to see Jai. He asks where is Ansubaa. She says she went to the village. Dipika talks to Jai and says she missed him a lot. Everyone see Dhara in salwar suit and smile. Aarvi and Nanku hug Dhara. Lily says Dhara have become modern.Nanku asks Dhara to wear such clothes as she looks good in it. Parul says Dhara looks so beautiful. Lily and the kids tease Dhara. Dhara looks at Jai.

Ketki asks Dhara to change. Parul says no need, she looks best in it, she will ear such clothes from today if Jai does not have any problem. Jai says I don’t have any problem. Lily says Dhara and Dipika look similar. Jai asks Dhara to take rest as she is much tired. Parul is happy to see the good bonding between Jai and Dhara. Jai says Dhara’s hand is hurt. Parul gets worried and asks how did it happen. Dhara says we were in train and I got hurt by the sliding window. Jai is stopped by the kids who ask him to give their gifts. Jai says there are many gifts, but Dhara will give you later as she is tired now. The kids insists. Dipika sees Jai caring for Dhara and gets jealous. Jai leaves.

Parul tells Dhara I m happy to see you both together. Dhara goes with the kids. Lily says your idea worked. Parul smiles. Dipika is boiling milk in the kitchen and thinks about Jai’s words. Dipika scolds Nanku. Dhara comes and supports Nanku. Dipika tells Dhara what Nanku did. Dhara takes Nanku’s side and asks her not to scold Nanku. Dipika gets angry on her and says I know how to talk, you need to learn. Dhara says don’t tell anything to kids. Dipika says what about you showering your love on Jai. Dipika stops talking seeing Parul. Dipika makes coffee for Jai and leaves. Parul asks Dhara how was the Mumbai trip.

Dhara says it was nice. Parul asks her to tell in detail. Dhara tells her smiling. Parul laughs. Dhara says how they spend the day together and had fun. Dipika hears this and gets angry. Dipika comes to Jai with the coffee. Jai thanks her and says its simply superb. He asks Dipika are you annoyed, I m sorry, I was tired yesterday. She says its ok, I understand. Dhara comes to know from Nanku and Aarvi that Dipika made him have icecream. Dhara is shocked to know this. Dhara cares for Nanku. Nanku says Parul is very nice, she took good care of me. She gave me Kada too.

Dipika is angry and plans against Dhara.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. JAI i love u so much and dhara i love u so much.U BOTH ARE SUPERB COUPLE and MADE FOR EACH OTHER.i am very happy that jai understood dhara.jai ,dhara is very sweet she loves u so much,i think u also started loving dhara.please come close to him,we all are waiting for that

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