Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st May 2013 Written Update

Part 1
The episode begins widjai in his room n bhoomi enters,jai ask bhoomi did kaka came back n bhoomi nodes no.jai says all da preparations starts n as soon as kaka comes i have to go to neeraj wid evidences n papers.wid da help of evidence i ll prove papa rite.bhoomi assures him dat all ll be fine.but jai tells her dat neeraj is waiting 4 him outside court n he has already called him 4 tyms since morning but where is kaka.n hasmuk enters da room.n taunts dat due to u ppl i cant run anywhere n den give papers to jai.
jai tells dese r not just papers but our mill n have to fulfill ansubaas promise n punish amrutlal but hasmuk gets tensed.jai ask hasmuk to give him da recording but hasmuk make excuses by saying when u got da papers den yy u need recording

but jai tells him dat i just dont want to start mill but even have to punish dose who were behind all dis mill fiasco
hasmuk gives mob to jai but da recording doesnt work n jai ask yy it isnt working but hasmuk makes excuse dat ur mob isnt gud n leave it but jai tells i wont leave da culprits of my ansubaa.den jai ask where is da recording n if he is again playing sum game but hasmuk tells him dat by mistake mob fell in water n jai tells by mistake or u literally threw da mob n yy u dont want amrutlal to get punishment n yy he is still taking his side.hasmuk tells he got dese papers on his lyf on stalk n still jai is not believing him..
bhoomi tells when we got da papers n when mob isnt working wat can kaka do.n even neeraj is waiting 4 him so he should go n hasmuk says yes n leave da room .jai tells bhoomi dat he has to do alot of formalities so he ll meet her directly at mill soo she alone has to manage everything at home.she asssures him dat she ll take care of everything
next morning dey r having aarti,aansubaa tells karsiya dat today we r gonna reopen our mills just hope everything goes well n karsiya tells everything ll be fine now n aansubaa tells if dis stay order havent came i wasnt scared but now i m more scared dat ifd kishan doesnt reach at tym n stay tym dont gets unvalid .but both bhoomi n karsiya assures her dat everything ll be fine n even God is wid dem.aansubaa tells yes God is wid dem n he wont let us lose.
aansubaa ask karsiya if car is read n den ask parul is rest of da preparations r done.parul assures her dat kishan ll come on tym.aansubaa tells i m not worried coz i got such gr88 family.n finally prays to God n leave
bhoomi prays to God dat here we all r together but dere my kishan is alone pls help him n make him successful in his work parul hears dis n prays make my kishan successful n if he cant get on tym.just dont let anything wrong happen.
all reach to mill n all labours praise aansubaa n aansubaa becomes emotional after seeing her mill n den recall how mill got burnt n how ppl taunted her dat she wont be able to run mill n even she wasnt a gud mother nor a gud owner of mill.den she recalls how kishan promised dat he ll again reopen da mill in 3 months.n again ppl come n praise her but she tells dat its not my effort but kishans effort dat again dis mill is bout to restart.n how kishans hardwork paid da heap in opening da mill.
lalit taunts hasmuk dat how he burnt da mill n how kishan again restarted da mill n how different dey both r.n lalit irritates him by saying yy he is hiding 4m aansubaa n hasmuk replies dat should i get a mic 4 u soo dat ansubaa can hear u properly.
ansuba prays dat today no fire n no other factor can stop us 4m opening da mill.due to kishan i m able to fulfil ur dream(hubby)n if i wont be able to fulfil dis dream of urs how ll i face u.n due to ur prays we r able to open da mill but i m scared dat if kishan wont be able to reach at tym n prays dat he reaches on tym.

Part 2
jai havent reached da mill n only few mins r left in auspicious tym den she tries to call him but cant connect to him.ansuba ask karsiya do kishan knows da excat tym of pooja n he replies yes den ansuba ask den yy he havent reached yet.priest comes n says its da tym to start pooja can we start.karsiya say we can but b4 getting da stay order dis door wont be opened.ansubaa prays dat kishan comes soon.
ansuba tells as soon as kishan comes we ll start but b4 dat u go n see wid kekti if u need anything 4 pooja.priest praises da smell of food n ketki tells its all cos of her she made itn she starts praising herself n her mom.but lily taunts her dat did ur mom wrote sum book on mannerism.avi n lily laughs on dat n ketki gets irritated n says her mom havent wrote any book but she could n by luking at bhoomi say say if her mom had written she could have read sum word.bhoomis turns around n ask wat kekti said n kekti gets scared.n says nothing as she already has soo much work to do.
hasmuk talks to himself dat yy kishan havent reached yet he comes soon soo dat hasmuk can get easy but lalit taunts him dat he cant escape easily.parul ask bhoomi dat where is kishan.bhooomi tells dat she cant connect wiod kishan n all gets scared n tensed.but parul tells her to call him again n bhoomi agrees but cant connest again.parul says if kishan cant reach at tym den.

Part 3
ppl start talking wid eachother. priest comes n ask till when he has to wait as it is akshaya tritiya so he has to go to other places also 4 pooja so can u pls do fast.ansuba assures him dat just sum more tym.ansuba tells karsiya to call kishan but cant connect wid him.ppl start talking dat wat is happening.even pooja isnt started yet npor dey r opening da millis everything ok.all gets tensed.

ppl r bout to leave when bhoomi starts reading kishan stuti n everyone stops n starts praying n kishan arrives.

Update Credit to: sirjee

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