Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ansubaa raising her voice and stops Kishan to tear the family photo. She yells at him for acting for the sake of Hasmukh. She says what you thought, your words will melt me and I will forgive Hasmukh. But I won’t forgive him. She says I am not weak as a mother, I am facing the same punishment as Hasmukh because I gave birth to him. She further says, she is ready to forget everything and Hasmukh, when it comes to family’s prestige and values. She says if anybody talks about Hasmukh then they have to see her dead face. Everybody gets shocked. Ganga, the cow makes noices, Ansubaa tells everybody to take care of the cow as she is faithful unline Hasmukh. She tells Parul that she will feed Ganga with her own hands. She goes to Ganga and feels

she is having fever.Lily says she forgot to give her food. Ansubaa tells Parul, you should have taken care of the cow as we can’t leave her unattended in her bad times. Bhoomi says she will take care of Ganga from now onwards. Bharti gets jealous of her and thinks she will win this game. She tells Ramila that you forgot to take food for Hasmukh kaka.

Ramila comes to the mandir with Ankit and evil Bharti. She sees Hasmukh sitting in the corner and rushes to him. She cries and says I brought food for you. Hasmukh says Ansubaa is right, I did a sin by fooling you. I can’t forgive myself. Ramila falls on his trap, and says she forgave him and Ansubaa will forgive him soon. Hasmukh says he will not eat anything. Bharti asks him to eat as kaki is also hungry. Ankit too asks him to have food. Hasmukh says I saw your mother’s tears, I came to knew I was wrong. I will be hungry to punish myself, to repent for my sins. Ramila cries and says nothing will happen to your health. Ramila says even God will forgive you. Hasmukh says he wants Ansubaa’s forgiveness and until she forgives him, he will not eat anything. After Ramila leaves, Ankit offers him Samosa and dhoklas and asks him to eat secretly, but Hasmukh says he doesn’t want and says you might be thinking that I am acting. He asks him to stop all the bad things. Bharti feels he is acting and she will plan such a drama that will leave Hasmukh behind her.

She gives 251 Rs in the name of Bhoomi JaiKishan to the panditji and says they have come from the dealth door. She says we kept it a secret, afterall it is a matter of family prestige. She tells Panditji that Bhoomi was kidnapped by the goons, and was with them for 3 days. All the devotees of the mandir hears it and is shocked. She tells Bhoomi will come to the puja and keep the wrath. She says Ansubaa wants Bhoomi to do the Gauri puja. She thinks she lit the fire.

Ansubaa sees Bhoomi taking care of the cow ganga along with Parul and smiles. Bhoomi shows the rooftop to Kishan and says it might be because of the rain water, Ganga is ill. Kishan says he will do something and covers the roof top with the plastic bed while the song Sanskaar plays in the BG.

Next morning, Ansubaa checks Ganga and feels happy that she is fine. Lily fayi gives credit to Bhoomi for Ganga well being. Ansubaa praises Bhoomi and says it is because of your hardwork, she is fine. Bhoomi says can I ask you anything? Ansubaa says she wants to give her something for her hardwork. Bhoomi asks is there any hope of Hasmukh kaka returning back to this house. Ansubaa is angry. Bhoomi continues that did Hasmukh kaka get a second chance. Can I asks you for his return.

Bhoomi says she has faith on the values of the family members and argues that they can change Hasmukh kaka’s thinking. She says how can you leave him. Ramila says we should give him one more chance. Ansubaa replies it is difficult to change her decision. She asks Bhoomi to learn about the wrath as it is the first wrath after marriage. Ketki is irked.

Kishan comes to his room and finds Bhoomi wiping her hairs with the towel. He goes near her and caresses her hairs while the song tumhe jo ap pawo main…. plays in the background. He shares some romantic moments with her.

Kishan tells Parul that Bhoomi can’t come to the Gauri puja as she is unwell. Kishan says he asked her to take rest. Parul says did she agreed? Kishan says she agreed after I convinced her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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