Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 31st January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts in urmilla home where jay goes to return urmilla 10 dollars which she gave him at mandir because he only had Indian rupees with him at that time because it was his very first day at America…………
Urmilla welcomes jay she gets really elated to see him jay says maybe he is at wrong time but she says this is the best time ever….. urmilla convince jay to come inside and says loud kishan has come on which bhoomi who is sitting in her room says maybe nani has met any courier boy…

Ansubha asks where hasmuk has gone? She asks ramila bahu to bring hasmuk because avni wont be able to eat anything unless she asks from him… jay mother says only kishan isn’t here everyone else is present at home… ketki bahu stops ramilla and says iam here then you don’t need to work she goes and is about to call hasu but she hears hasu conversation with someone he is asking that man to stop the case….. hasu cuts the call and is stunned to see ketki bahu infront of him.. she tells him that ansubha is calling him……………..
In the hall everyone is gathered for the rasam avni remembers jay and her eyes gets teary……… hasu says you should eat ankit phone is off because he is busy in preparation of papers… he says it on behalf of his son.. avni agree’s to eat but after she talks to kishan….

Bhoomi mom is making jay eat a lot of stuff… Meanwhile he gets a call he picks it and talks to avni he gives her permission to eat… and asks her to eat on his behalf as well…. Jay tells her he is eating khichdi as well… his mother takes the phone from avni and asks kishan to make her talk to bhoomi nani…. Jay mother says after talking to her she is less tensed for jay…. Bhoomi nani asks jay to eat the khichdi after ending the call…
Bhoomi is watching tv she stops on news channel in which the reporter says today in america 3 bombs were diffused… bhoomi gets scared and says its better if I give this bag to police….
Bhoomi comes downstairs and meets jay… she says didn’t I told you we will meet again… nani asks her how she knew him.. bhoomi says they have met before when he was driving cab…… nani tells her how he lost his stuff on his very first day…. Bhoomi is about to go out with jay’s bag but he see it and stops her immediately…. Bhoomi looks at him in confusion he checks his name and gets really happy to found his bag finally….
Jay thanks God….

Police is shown arresting shaukat they see jay coming and they arrests him as well police asks him to show passport jay replies its inside the bag but when they check it they didn’t find it… The passport is misplaced in bhoomi’s home…

Kishan is shown in jail….
Bhoomi finds jay passport…
She goes to find him but shaukat’s neighbour tells her that cops arrested him…

Update Credit to: MsLuscious

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