Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Parul doing the aarti of Kishan and Bhoomi. Kishan and Bhoomk feels happy. Kishan says we returned safely because of your blessings or else dont know what would have happened. Ansubaa asks Bhoomi about her health. Kishan replies that she will be fine as she came back to her house. Ansubaa hugs her and asks her to take rest. Ketki gives lemon juice for Bhoomi as she might be feeling weak. Bhoomi takes the juice. Ketki says you left and didn’t inform us, just sent a message. Bhoomi is surprised and asks when I sent the message. Ketki says you sent a message on Kishan’s mobile that you left home with your own will as you can’t adjust in the house anymore. Bhoomi says she didn’t send any message on Kishan’s mobile as her phone was not

with her. Bhoomi tells Ansubaa that she didn’t send any message. Ketki tries to make her remember. Kishan says we will talk about this later. Bharti keeps her evil eye on Bhoomi. Ramila comes, Bhoomi takes her blessings. Kishan asks her about her health and says dont worry about your illness, we will get you treated by the best doctor. Ramila goes inside, followed by Ketki. Kishan asks what happened? Ansubaa tells him about Hasmukh’s planned to take the mill papers and how she threw him out of the house.

Kishan asks Ansubaa, where is Hasmukh kaka now. Ansubaa says she didn’t care about him. Ankit comes and says his father is in the village temple and he said he will be fasting until Ansubaa forgives him, while the song about the kaal entering with back foot plays in the background. Ankit says he tried to make him agree, but he didn’t agree. Lily fayi asks about him. Kishan tries to speak but Ansubaa cuts him off saying dont take Hasmukh’s side. Kishan says Hasmukh kaka made fun of Ramila kaki’s illness but he is our dear one. He says he did a mistake. He says we shall solve this issue soon and it is not good to throw him out of the house. Ansubaa says no one did what he has done with them. Ansubaa asks Kishan to take Bhoomi to the room and make her rest. She asks Bharti to prepare turmeric milk for Bhoomi. She says she will not change Hasmukh’s punishment nor she will make his punishment less and nobody will talk to me about this. Ansubaa leaves.

Kishan comes and holds Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she got scared. Kishan asks her to forget everything. Bhoomi says she didn’t think that she will return back to her house. Kishan says you had to come for me. I cant live with you. Kishan says I loved you from always but I didn’t know that I love you immensely. They hug each other. Kishan asks about the bangles given by Maha rishi Bangles. Bhoomi says she didn’t allow it to break and took care of it.
She gets tensed about Hasmukh kaka and Ansubaa’s relationship. Kishan asks her to forget everything. Bhoomi says I know you are tensed but didn’t showing up. Kishan says we can’t do anything, Hasmukh kaka did a mistake. Bhoomi says we will try to make Ansubaa melt, so that she forgives kaka. We will stay united and will never allow our family to break.

Bharti tells Ankit that Hasmukh kaka will be back soon. Ramila asks Ankit why he is fasting as he can’t fast for long. Bharti says it is dangerous to keep the fast for long and is a threat to life. Ramila gets shocked. She says we can go to him and I will take you with me. Ramila gets happy and thinks to go with Bharti. Bharti says we will bring kaka as soon as possible. Ramila says he did bad with me, but he is my husband and I can’t live if anything happens to him. Ramila wipes her tears and says she will keep the chutney for him. Bharti thinks she will have to think about about gain and smiles evilly.

Kishan brings turmeric milk for Bhoomi. Bhoomi asks him to put extra sugar. He adds sugar to it. Bhoomi pretends to not like it and asks him to get another glass of milk. She laughs. Kishan says I know that’s why I didn’t react, to see a cute smile on your face. Dilip comes and asks Kishan, whether you called me here. Kishan says Bhoomi called you, she wants to speak with both of us. She asks Kishan to close the door. Bhoomi asks Dilip whether he is sad about Hasmukh kaka.

Dilip is in thoughts. Bhoomi asks Kishan whether he is seeing. She says Dilip bhai and Ramila kaki loves him and we have to get him back. She says, she have a plan. Kishan and Dilip brings Hasmukh belongings in the hall. Karsan asks them what they are doing. Kishan says he has decided to sell these stuff of kaka as he is no longer part of this house. Dilip says we thought to erase his memories by selling his belongings. Ramila looks sad. Ansubaa and all the family members gather in the hall. Kishan tells Dilip that we will remove all memories related to him. He asks Dilip to bring the family photo so that he will cut Hasmukh kaka pic from it. He begins to throw Hasmukh’s photos and says from now onwards, he is not our kaka and not our Ansubaa’s son. Kishan adds that Ansubaa will throw Ansubaa out of her heart. Kishan is about to tear the family photo but is stopped by Ansubaa. Kishan smiles victoriously. Everyone looks surprised and shocked. The episode ends on Kishan’s determined face.

Ansubaa tells her family that when it is about the family’s prestige and values, then she is ready to forget that she had a son named Hasmukh. She tells everyone not to talk anything about Hasmukh or else have to see my dead face.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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