Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th January 2013 Written Update

Episode begins in radio station where bhoomi asks jay name he is about to tell her but another lady asks bhoomi to go and give cd …. She walks away.. jay mutters he met this girl again he wish to meet that girl soon too who has his bag…

Hasu is shown kidnapped by Amrootlaal hasu is scared to see him… Amrootlaal orders him to give him the land as soon as possible… hasu ensures him that he will give land of his mill to him… hasu further says after jay comes back he will give him that land but till then he has to wait……
Hasu is shown coming out Amrootlaal house but dilip comes on his bike.. he asks why he left his car on the main road and came here? Hasu asks him what he is doing here on which dilip replies he came after him to see whether he is fine or not… hasu stops him from asking more questions from him and sit on his bike…..

Shaukat brings burger for jay…….. Jay says what about the money shaukat replies when you will find your bag u can return me then… meanwhile an American couple are shown staring suspiciously at jay and shaukat…

Ketki bahu tells Ansubha she felt like bharti in laws weren’t satisfied with our preparations Ansubha says she didn’t felt anything like that and if it is they will be satisfied from marriage preparations… meanwhile hasu enters and says yes we have ATM machines… Ansubha replies your taunts wont change my decision hasu walks away angrily. Ansubha asks dilip what has happened to your father why he acts so weirdly with me now adays…..

Jay is about to go when shaukat asks him where he is going he tells him he is going to park and he hopes today he will find his bag because today is last day his boss has gave him to submit documents… jay comes out of his home… meanwhile the same American lady is shown with police sitting in car and she points towards jay..

Some young American boys are shown irritating a young girl present in the bus… they irritates jay as well by pushing his seat. ……Jay gets up but the boys says sorry…

Bhoomi nani asks her to come and have breakfast.. bhoomi looks at the food which is quite oily…. Her nani tells her today is full moon day…. Bhoomi asks her what rituals are done on this day?

Ketki informs ansubha that she has prepared everything required…

Bhoomi nani explains that today sister fast the whole day for his brother bhoomi makes fun of this ritual and says how can any girl not eat for his brother she says iam glad I don’t have any brother her nani says after you get married your mother in law will make you do everything..

Ketki asks avni that if she is hungry she can eat something on which she replies how can I eat without permission of my brothers.. she says today she will ask every brother including jay on which jay mother eyes gets teary… ketki says what if you called but didn’t found jay? Everyone changes at America…. Jay mother stares ketki…. shereplies that jay isn’t of that type ketki says she knows but still she feels like that…. Ketki than says to avni what if kishan isn’t here your elder brother is here…

Bhoomi complains that how can she eat so oily stuff she will gain a lot of weight… bhoomi says even if your kishan ji came and asked me to eat this food I wont… bhoomi further says ask your kishan ji to come… she stands and says kishan ji please come and have this oily food and walks away… nani mutters how can I make her to believe in baghwan and have shradha on him … meanwhile nani their home bell rangs…. She asks who is it and gets a reply kishan… she opens the door and gets really happy to see kishan….

Bhoomi mets kishan in her home she says didn’t I said we will meet again so see we met.. she was about to go out of the home along with jay bag but jay see’s it he runs after her and takes his bag from her and says this is mine…..

Update Credit to: MsLuscious

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