Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhoomi on the way with kishan and says she forgot her purse and while getting inside the house, she sees Hasmukh kaka talking to Amritlal and wonders he is talking with whom. Amritlal threatens Hasmukh for dire consequences and gives ticket to some pavirta place and asked him to do his shraad. He says after you die you family will know the truth and they will not do your shraad. Hasmukh laughs and thinks he is joking. Amritlal says bank people called him and security money was deposited, he lost his money so it would be best to kill him. He leaves saying so. Bhoomi goes from there.

Baa tells Parul that she is upset with kishan as he accompanied bhoomi to but vegetables. Parul says when I got married you told your son to go with me whereever

I want and your grand son is doing the same thing, why you are upset. Baa replies that she has full faith in her but not on kishan’s wife. She fears that bhoomi will take away kishan from her family. Parul thinks how she should make her understand that kishan’s bhoomi is not like that.

In the vegetable market, Bhoomi is amazed to see the street vegetable vendor and asks Kishan so many vendors are selling the vegetables on the street so how will we check the quality. Kishan replies that customer checks the quality themselves. She reads out the list to the vendor. He asks about the tomato rate, she is happy to know the rate is so cheap. but Kishan says here everyone bargains and he bargains the rate.

Bhoomi is quite happy looking at the people choosing the good vegetables. Kishan pays to the vendor. Bhoomi appreciates kishan saying you saved 15 rs. He says not me, we saved. Kishan asks the vendor to give green masala free. bhoomi hugs kishan out of the happiness in the market and everybody looks at them surprisingly.

Kishan tells bhoomi that they are in the market. She feels shy while the sweet music plays. She counts the money. She tells him that they saved 150 rs.

Ketki breaks the Tap and Hasmukh watches her. Someone comes there and ketki says she was looking at tap water leakage. She asks to call the plumber. ketki leaves. Ketki comes in the hall and calls the plumber and ask him to come soon.

Bhoomi and Kishan comes and she informs them that tap water is leaking in the compound. Parul says it was ok when she saw. someone comes and she asks ketki whether she called the plumber. She says plumber will take 150 rs. Hasmukh watches them. Bhoomi thinks 150 rs, even half day was not over and 500 rs finished. Ketki asks Kishan what is he thinking? She asks dont you have money. Bhoomi replies that she have 150 rs still. She says she needs to take care of the house all day. Kishan says he will try to repair. Ketki says to save the money you will become plumber instead of textile plumber. you love your wife but it doesn’t mean you become plumber. Kishan says by doing house work, I will not become plumber. Ketki says the other woman let them see it themselves.

Kishan and bhoomi try to repair the running water tap Song plays Dhake tod laawo chandini se ….., Bhoomi is about to fall but Kishan holds her in time and they romantically eye lock. The episode ends on their romantic hug.

Ketki asks bhoomi did the tap was repair? Bhoomi replies it is temporarily repaired. Someone tells ketki until they are together they will win. Ketki says lets go and see whether their love win or water blow.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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