Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi and Kishan coming to the mandir for the Puja, Panditji looks at them from far. The local pandit of the mandir greets and introduces them to some other influential Panditji. He says whatever he says from his mouth becomes true. Kishan and Bhoomi sits to talk to the Panditji. panditji praises his family and says you are happy because of your ancestors. He says someone will come with inverted legs and invite the troubles and destruction.

Kishan and Bhoomi gets tensed. Panditji says you will not be able to tolerate the mess. He says to Bhoomi that relations will be troubled, but you have to be united with love and patience, and then only you can win over the troubles. Kishan and Bhoomi starts doing the Puja.

Ansubaa asks Karsan

about the driver and the bus. Karsan says bus driver was sent to the hospital and the bus was sent to the garage. Avni asks Bharti did you miss me, to which Bharti replies she didn’t miss them as she lives in the hearts of Vaishnav family. She says didn’t you like changed behavoir of me. She offers to help Karsan, Karsan tells Parul that she changed a lot. Bharti says she is same but her perspective to see the things have changed

Panditji asks Kishan and Bhoomi to be together to fight with the evil. He gives them Ram charitra manas and asks them to read. He asks Bhoomi, did you have 13 members at home. Bhoomi counts on the members and tells Kishan that Panditji is right. Panditji gives her 13 bangles tied by the thread and says if the thread string or any of the bangles breaks then it will have an bad effect on the relation of the family members leading to split.

Panditji asks her to wear on her hands. Kishan didn’t understand anything and asks him. Panditji says they have to solve the problems themselves but for that you both have to be united always. I will be there if you needed me. Kishan looks at Ram charitra manas while Bhoomi is tensed by his predictions.

Kishan keeps the Ram charitra manas in the inhouse mandir. Bhoomi is tensed, Kishan tries to make her happy. Bhoomi says she is fine. Kishan asks are you getting tensed by Panditji words. Bhoomi says he was right and will his words come true. Kishan says she was educated and brought up in America then how can she believed all these things. Kishan says good time and bad times depend on our Karma and we can improvised our life by our good karma. Bhoomi says but we can’t changed the destiny. Kishan says he remember only 1 thing said by Panditji that they must be together to overcome all troubles. Bhoomi says right.

Everybody is getting ready to get into the bus. Ansubaa tells Bharti that she was wrong two times when took the decision for her. she says now I left the decision to come to Kishangarh on you. Bharti is in thoughts. The episode ends.

Precap: While Bharti is standing in the door, Ansubaa tells her that everyone wants her to stay here but she have to take the opinion of Kishan and Bahu Rani. She asks Bhoomi about her opinion. Bhoomi is speechless.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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