Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone blaming Dhara for jai’s state. jai comes and comes to know about Aarvi being sad. Ramila says jai looks fine, maybe he got well soon. Parul is happy. Dhara talks to herself and says I will apologize to jai. She practices her lines. jai comes to Aarvi and asks what happened to her. Aarvi says her mood is off. He asks why. She says everyone are sad in this diwali. She says we have to do something. He asks what. She says to make them happy. Dhara enters the house. Aarvi says if you are sad, how can everyone be happy. He says who told you I m sad. She says no one, but if you don’t celebrate diwali, no one will celebrate. Dhara sees jai and is tensed.

jai says we have to do something, to make everyone celebrate diwali.

He says I will also celebrate diwali this time. He says I will make the plan. Aarvi thanks him. He leaves. jai comes to Ansubaa. Ansubaa asks him are you fine. He says yes, but why are you worried. She says Dhara has hurt you. He says its my madness, if anyone would have seen me talking to Bhoomi, anyone would have laughed, its not her mistake, its mine. He says Dhara was right about me. Ansubaa says what are you saying. He says the whole world will say this and I have to hear it, what can I do, I m unable to forget Bhoomi.

He says I feel Bhoomi close to me, I laugh with her, I cry with her. He says this is madness I know. Ansubaa says don’t call it madness, its your love. He says Dhara does not know me, Bhoomi, let her go, forgive her. Ketki is shouting on Dhara and asks her to leave. Parul says calm down. Ketki blames her for jai’s state. Dhara says I brought these kids for jai. She says jai will be happy with them. jai laughs. Everyone are shocked to see him laughing. Parul and everyone are happy. Ansubaa is shocked.

jai comes to Dhara and says so these are the kids. He sees Bhoomi’s photo and stops laughing. He gets serious. Everyone are shocked. jai leaves. Parul tries to stop him. Hasmukh says I understood your signal. You made jai laugh for first time, we will try to make him happy always. Dhara asks why did jai go. Parul hugs Dhara. Everyone looks on. Ansubaa says its because of you, jai laughed today. She is thankful to Dhara. She says Parul you were right, we got our jai back today because of Dhara. Ansubaa thanks the Lord.

She says I m very happy. Dhara apologizes to her. Ansubaa says I can’t, but as you made him laugh today, I forgive you. Dhara smiles. She says you brought smile on his face. Dhara is happy and thanks her. Dhara dances with joy. Ansubaa says always remeber don’t do any mistake again. Dhara says it won’t happen. Ansubaa asks Parul to take Dhara to the kitchen. Dhara says I will drop them home and come back. Ansubaa gives the kids sweets. Dhara leaves with the kids. Ansubaa smiles.

jai is in his room crying. Bhoomi gets his tears in her hands. She tells him that she felt happy when he laughed. She asks him not to cry and shed tears, else she will also cry. She says these moments will go with tears, don’t let them swipe away. He says no Bhoomi, I don’t want to be happy, I m sorry. She says you did the best in six years, I want to see you smiling like this. Dhara talks to Parul about jai. Parul says Bhoomi left six years ago, but jai did not forget her, he left living in her thoughts. Dhara says it means he is very sad from within, I will try not to hurt him. She says I will take the food for him. I will apologize to him. Ketki tells Parul why did you send her, jai got hurt yesterday, if she does something again, then what. Parul says nothing will happen. She says I left everything on the Lord. Ketki says my heart says Dhara will do some mistake again.

jai is still talking with Bhoomi. Bhoomi asks him to keep smiling. He says it happened becaus eof that foolish girl. Dhara comes and also talks with Bhoomi. jai looks at her. She greets Bhoomi and says I can’t see you but I know about you. She says I came here to apologize to him, forgive me. She brings a white rose for her. jai gets angry. Dhara is shocked to hear that he won’t forgive her. He says how dare you come in my room and making fun of me. He asks her to get out. He says don’t come in between me and Bhoomi. He pushes her out of his room.

He says don’t do this next time. He closes the door. Dhara cries and says what did I do. I came here to apologize but I have hurt him again, now he won’t forgive me.

Paritosh and Chandrika are planning to give the good news to Ansubaa,

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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