Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 29th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hasmukh slowly bending down to pick the keys, Bhoomi watches and stops him saying why you are doing work, I will pick it myself. Kishan looks on. Hasmukh gets tensed and says he was just picking it to return to Bhoomi. Bhoomi says ok. Hasmukh thinks he failed and he have to take Ketki’s help in this one. He gets the tray to the kitchen and asks Ketki to get keys from Bhoomi. Ketki says Bhoomi will return it after Akshaya Tritiya. She asks what work you have with that keys. Hasmukh says he have some work. Ketki assures him till the evening she will get the keys from Bhoomi.

Kishan shows some sketches of the decoration to Ansubaa. Ansubaa is touched by his gesture and tells Karsan that because of Kishan our mill will be open. Kishan

talks with Ketki about food preparation in the Ayogan. She says she will do it. Kishan asks her about Puja ingredients. Ketki says she will do everything.

Ketki asks for the keys from Bhoomi. Ketki says she needs to take out silver vessels from the almara. Bhoomi says she will accompany her. Ketki is angst.

Dilip asks Kishan if he is sure that the stay order will be relieved before Akshaya Tritiya. Kishan says 100 percent and continue with the preparation of the ayogan.

Bhoomi and Ketki goes to the store room to get the silver vessels. Ketki takes the vessels and hands over to Bhoomi. She asks for the keys again on the pretext of unloading her burden. but Bhoomi handover the vessels and keeps the keys with her. Ketki is even more angry now and thinks what she shall get and what she got. Bhoomi locks the store room. Ketki again asks for the keys on the pretext of getting the Kalash. Bhoomi falls on her trap and handsover the keys to her. Ketki feels happy on getting the keys.

Hasmukh gets the call from Ketki. Ketki asks him to meet her. Hasmukh thinks work might not be done. He meets her. Ketki gives the keys to him. Hasmukh says he will call her after getting his work done to return the keys.

Hasmukh opens the lock and enters the store room like a thief. He opens the almara and take out the papers from the file. While he is leaving happily is caught by Kishan who lights up the store room. Hasmukh is caught in the trap laid by Kishan. Hasmukh cooks up the story that he saw the almara and when he came file fall on him. Kishan says he didn’t asked anything yet and ask him why you are here?

Hasmukh cooks up another story that he was feeling hot in his room thats why came here. Kishan says I know everything that you and Amritlal are together. How can you stoop so low. Kishan says you intentionally frame Papa so that nobody can raise the finger on you. You sold the mill, you betrayed Ansubaa and the family. What you got for betraying us. Kishan says he is not telling infront of all because of his values. He asks for the answers and says if he telsl Ansubaa then she will not spare him and punish him. Hasmukh says he will tell everything and pleads sorry.

Hasmukh says he was blinded by the greed and says he took loan from Amritlal and was unable to return him. He thought mill will never be reopened again but you made it possible. He persuade Kishan to think about the profit and says lets sell the mill to Amritlal as mill after opening will not run properly and they might face losses. He says Amritlal is a mad man and dont know why he is interested to buy the mill. Kishan listens silently in shocked. Hasmukh says Amritlal can do anything and asks Kishan to remember how the mill was burnt to ashes one day before its opening. He says that fire was lit by Amritlal.

Kishan says it means you saw our mill burning and just looks on. He says what happened to you. From where you got so much poison in you. our family was ruined and you shooks hands with him. He says why you never think of your family’s pain. Why you heart never says to tell the truth. Kishan says he will send Amritlal to jail. He says but you, even a large punishment will be small for you. He says mill is the bread and butter for the labourers and says what you Ansubaa feels if she knows about it. Kishan says he have to tell Ansubaa anbout it anyhow. Hasmukh pleads not to tell anything to Ansubaa.

Hasmukh cries and says he cant face anybody if anyone’s at home gets to knows about it. Kishan asks him to rectify his mistakes. Hasmukh agrees to do as he says. Kishan says he have to give these fake papers to Amritlal and gets original mill papers back to him. Hasmukh is shocked. Hasmukh smiles and sees the papers and says you were making us fool. Kishan says you have to get the original papers.

Hasmukh declines and says he will not go anywhere and not to threaten him and says you small fish. He says he did a mistake by confessing to his crime but he is not having any proofs so he will not do anything as he wish. Hasmukh about to leave but Bhoomi plays the confession tape of his and Hasmukh is shocked. Kishan and Bhoomi smiles. Hasmukh is shocked. The Episode ends on Bhoomi’s winning smile.

Kishan tells Hasmukh, he have to not only exchange the papers but also his plan is different. He places camera phone in his side pocket and says when you goes to meet Amritlal, this camera shall be open and everything should be recorded. Then shows Amritlal confessing to lit the mill, give you 25 lakhs, took the papers. Everything is capturing in Kishan’s phone, Hasmukh looks on.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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