Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Parul do I have to cook from today. Ketki says you have to help me. You have to do what I ask you. Parul says yes, and asks Dhara to do her work fine and good. She says Ketki does not like to work slowly. Dhara agrees. Parul says your test starts now. Dhara asks Parul to stay with her. Parul says Ketki is there. Dhara says I m afraid of her. Parul says no need to be afraid. Dhara says whenever I met her, she has a weapon. Ketki loons at her. Parul says its fine. Dhara insists. Parul says I have much much, Ketki is a wonderful person, learn your work now. Parul leaves. Ketki teaches Dhara and shows her whats there in the cupboard. She asks her to make halwa and leaves. Dhara is tensed.

Ansubaa asks Parul did jai really

had prasad. Parul says yes. Ansubaa hears someone singing Mann Mohana….. She asks who is singing it. Aarvi says its Dhara singing while cooking. Dhara makes the halwa. Ansubaa is happy and says Dhara seems to be a Lord’s lover. Ansubaa asks where is jai. Parul says he might be in his room, with lights off. Ansubaa says it would have been good is he laughed with us, but he is in Bhoomi’s thoughts. jai meets Bhoomi in his imagination and talks to her. They have a romantic talk and good scene.

Everyone get the smell of halwa and Aarvi asks is the halwa made. Ketki says yes, Dhara brings the halwa for everyone. Parul akss her to keep it infront of the Lord first. Dilip gets a call from someone and calls Dhara saying its for you. Everyone looks on. Nanku calls Dhara and talks to her. She says I made food for you, study after having food. Nanku asks her to come soon. Ansubaa says lets start the puja. Dhara says where is jai, won’t he come. Ketki says he does not attend pujas. Dhara says why, oh I know, he is annoyed with the Lord, so might be not coming. Parul thinks what the pandit told about Dhara. She asks Dhara to call jai from his room. Dhara says I… Parul says he did not say no to you and had the prasad, maybe he will come. Dhara agrees and goes with Aarvi to call jai.

Ramila says Parul that jai did not come to the diwali puja for years, so why did you send Dhara. Parul says my heart says jai will come in the puja today. She hopes for jai coming to them and maybe they will get their old jai. jai is still talking with Bhoomi. Ansubaa says do you think he will come in the puja. Parul says yes, Dhara can make him come. Dhara sees jai talking to himself alone in the room. She laughs and jai looks at her. She says I came here to call you. Dhara comes back laughing. Parul asks what happened. She says you have sent me to call him but he was talking to himself. He was laughing and getting angry on himself.

She says he was like a mad man. Everyone get angry and shocked while Dhara laughs. Ansubaa says Dhara and everyone stands up. Ansubaa says our jai is not mad. Ansubaa takes her and shows Bhoomi’s photo and says he talks to his dead wife. Dhara is shocked. Ansubaa scolds her and says my jai is not mad, he loves his wife a lot, so he always talks to her and is in her thoughts. She says don’t dare to call him mad again.

Ansubaa says how can you dare to say like this without knowing anything, answer me. Hasmukh takes Dhara’s side. Ansubaa says she should have thought before saying like this about someone, joking about someone. She says this is not to be forgiven. Dhara cries and apologizes to Ansubaa. Ansubaa tells Parul that jai won’t be able to forget this. She asks Parul why did you send her to jai’s room. What did she do, she made fun of jai’s emotions. Aarvi wipes Dhara’s tears. Dhara leaves. Parul prays to the Lord. Lily says enough, you did this for jai’s happiness, but we could not make him happy, we instead made him sad.

jai is in his room. Parul knocks his door and asks him to open the door. She says I know you are annnoyed with me, its my mistake. Ansubaa says Parul, its our mistake, now what wll we get after regretting. Parul says I thought… Ansubaa says Dhara can’t make him happy, jai’s wounds are sux years old, its not easy to heal. She says I don’t know what will happen now.

Chandrika gets the news from Daai that Komal is pregnant. Everyone are happy. Chandrika says lets send this news to Ansubaa. Vilas stops the Daai and asks her where will you go from here. Paritosh says you should go home, but not Ansubaa’s house. Daai leaves. Chandrika smiles.

Dhara comes to her house and puts her hand on the diya’s flame. Nanku moves her hand and asks what happened, why are you crying. She tells someone cried because of me. she prays to Lord Kishan and says you should have stopped me, I m being angry on me now as I have did a sin, I have hurt jai without thinking anything, I should get the punishment. She cries. Nanku says you are crying, you should say sorry if you have done a mistake, they will forgive you. Dhara thinks of going to the haveli in the morning to apologize.

Dhara makes jai laugh. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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