Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode begins with Kishan’s entry to Amrital house. Kishan enters clapping and says what a dream. Amrital is shocked. Kishan says Leave your dream or else police will come at your door step. Amritlal gets up and says how dare you threaten me at my home? Kishan replies that he came the same way Amritlal entered his mill. He says sorry to the persons sitting there and says he will tell the reality about Amritlal. Amritlal says he is speaking nonsense. Amritlal says that mill is mine. Kishan says he is speaking nonsense and not me.

He asks the person sitting there whether you will make a deal with the duplicate papers. Amritlal is shocked. Kishan says yes duplicate. He tells Amritlal that he did the deal and didn’t check the authenticity of the papers.

He says you have loss to the tune of 25 lakhs. Amritlal says it means your father have fooled me. Kishan says he will enquire who is behind all this and says original mill papers is still with us. Amritlal wonders how can it be possible. Kishan asks him to be calm and listen to then. He asks the lawyer Neeraj to give him the mill papers and shows it to Amritlal. Amritlal says big fraud with me.

Kishan says he will find out about the man who took the money from Amritlal and sold their mill. He tells him that you have to pay for framing Karsan Vaishnav. Kishan tells the persons how they agreed to deal with Amritlal as this meal belongs to Vaishnav family. He tells Amritlal that we will meet in court. Amritlal is angst and holds Kishan’s collar. Kishan stops him and says this kid will take revenge for all the pains, trouble, tears which my family had because of you. He challenges him that now he will see this Kishan’s leela (magic). Amritlal is shaken.

It is celebration time at the Vaishnav family as they got their mill back. Ansubaa says Kishan saved the mill. Ramila says it was like a magic. She asks Hasmukh. Hasmukh nods in a yes. Mayank says jijaji wants to give all mango drink. Hasmukh gets a call from Amritlal but he fears to attend his call.

Kishan is standing outside the mill and remembers in a flashback how mill was burnt to ashes. Neeraj says everything will be fine. Neeraj asks Kishan about the NC which Kishan got filed with the police. Kishan says he lied infront of Amritlal just to stress him more. Now he will do as I wants. Kishan look down at the lock and says he lied much in last 24 hours but the promise I have made to Ansubaa is true.

Amritlal calls Hasmukh and threatens him that he will bury him alive. Hasmukh says he didn’t know it was not original papers and was a mistake. Amritlal says to correct the mistake. Hasmukh asks him to give him 2 hours. Amritlal says give the papers or else face the death.

Kishan comes back home and Bhoomi asks whatever happened. Kishan asks her to keep these mill papers in the storeroom almara and keeps the keys with you. He says Baa asked me to keep the keys with you. Kishan says we cant keep it in our bedroom as it might easily gets stolen. Hasmukh listens to this.

While Bhoomi is keeping the file in store room almara, Hasmukh watches him hiding nearby.

In the kitchen, Ketki says Bhoomi luck is really good. Ramila asks her to speak good. Liyi fayi asks ketki to get silver vessels from the cupboard.
Hasmukh comes to the kitchen and Ketki offers him tea. Ramila ask him why he came here. Hasmukh says I came here to tell you that you are looking beautiful in this saree. Ramila gets embarassed.

Bhoomi comes in the hall and accidently keys slips from her pallu. Hasmukh watches this and thinks everything is going according to him.

Hasmukh thinks to take this opportunity. Dilip praises the theplas. Ketki leaves. Hasmukh praises Ramila for her pink saree and says he will not allow her to work in kitchen and he learnt all this from Kishan and one have to support his wife all the life. He asks her to go and sit. He thinks how to pics the keys and slowly bends down to pick the keys but Bhoomi stops him. The Episode ends on Bhoomi.

Ketki asks for the store room keys on the pretext of getting the kalash from there. Bhoomi gives the keys. Ketki smiles…

Update Credit to: Hasan

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