Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ravi throwing the Prasad. Ketki sees him and shouts Ravi. He tells her that he can’t eat it as its too much sugary. Ketki says you can’t throw the Lord’s prasad and takes it from him. Dhara tells Ravi that she is planting tulse trees. Ravi talks to her sweetly and says jai will soon come home. Dhara goes to plant. Ravi thinks he won’t let her meet jai and smiles. Ketki brings the prasad at home and keeps it in the kitchen. Aarvi and Nanku see the prasad and sit to eat it. Dhara digs the soil and Aarvi gets jai’s ring in the halwa. She says its jai’s ring in it. Dhara gets Ravi’s shirt in the soil. Aarvi thinks about jai’s ring. Nanku is shocked.

Dhara sees a button missing and thinks about Ravi. She is shocked.

Ketki shows the ring to everyone and said Ravi gave the prasad. Ravi was throwing the halwa. Chandrika gets scared and thinks jai is so clever to know that he is close to all and send his ring. Chandrika messages Ravi. Dilip says even durga had a doubt on him, I m sure he is the kidnapper. Hasmukh says I have seen his ID proofs. Hasmukh says Ravi can’t do this. Dhara says Ravi did it. She brings the shirt and shows the proof. She confirms it saying he has buried the shirt in the soil. Everyone are shocked.

Hasmukh says so it means Ravi is the kidnapper, I will not leave him. Parul says catch him and ask him where is jai. Ansubaa says we should call Durga first. Dhara says I informed her, she will be coming. Hasmukh says we can’t wait for her. Ansubaa says only we are at home, we will go to get Ravi. Ansubaa stops Dipika from coming. Dipika gets angry and thinks I m a part of jai’s life. Dilip catches Ravi and everyone surrounds him. Ravi gets tensed.

Dilip asks him where is jai. Ravi acts innocent and says I did not do anything, I don’t know where is jai. Karsan says don’t lie, we know you are the kidnapper. Hasmukh says tell us why you did this. Ravi says I don’t know. Karsan shows him jai’s ring. Parul says why did you do this. Dilip says for whom do you work. Everyone ask him. Hasmukh says he will not speak up, lets beat him. Ansubaa says wait, I will let him speak. She asks Dhara to bring hot ghee and she will put on his tongue. Ravi says stop, I will tell the truth. He says its not my mistake, I got money to kidnap him. Ansubaa asks who asked you to kidnap him.

Ravi says he is a part of this family. Chandrika is worried. Everyone looks on. Parul asks who is that man. Ravi points at Hasmukh. Everyone are shocked. Chandrika smiles. Hasmukh is stunned and says I did not do this, why will I kidnap jai. He asks Ravi why did he say this, tell its a lie. He says he is blaming me. Ansubaa asks Hasmukh, where is jai. Hasmukh is shocked seeing Ansubaa not believing him. He says you also feel I did this. Ansubaa says yes, people don’t change, I thought my son changed, but you won’t ever change. Hasmukh says I did not do this, how should i explain you.

He beats Ravi and says tell the truth. Ravi says I m sorry, that I took your name. Ravi says I m not lying, you are lying, you wanted the rights on the mill so you did this. Hasmukh says stop this nonsense. Hasmukh says I did not kidnap jai. Ansubaa gets angry and takes Hasmukh. Lily asks Dhara whats going on. Karsan says Ravi names Hasmukh has kidnapped jai. Everyone are shocked. Avni says is this true. Lily says no I m sure Ravi is lying, Hasmukh can never do this. Hitesh says its about crores of money, maybe he really did this. Hitesh says everyone should get their share.

Ansubaa says I know why Hasmukh did this. She gives him the mill papers and throws it on him. She gives him FDs and money. Hasmukh cries. She gives him jewellery and asks him to bring jai back. Hasmukh says I don’t want this, I know my mistakes but I have changed, you are not trusting me and trusting Ravi. Ansubaa says yes, I know your mistakes. Hasmukh says I don’t know why he is taking my name. Dhara says I don’t think Hasmukh did this. Ansubaa says you don’t know him, I have given him birth, so I know him, he can kidnap even me for money. Hasmukh sees a gun and takes it to shoot himself. He says enough now, I can’t see all this now, I want to end everyone’s problems. He says I m sad that I lost Ansubaa’s trust again.


Dhara calls Chandrika from Ravi’s number. Chandrika is clever and says who is she who has taken Ravi’s phone. Dhara hears her voice.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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