Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Karsan sitting on the ground thinking about Amritlal words that he was the one who sold off the mill and Hasmukh taunting words that he back stab the family. Karsan is deeply saddened. Parul comes and consoles him and Sanskaar song plays in the background. Kishan comes and sees his father misery, his mother cries and leaves unable to bear the pain.

At the table, Lily fayi asks Parul whether baa had milk but Parul says she declined having anything as she is not feeling well at heart. Hasmukh taunts that her elder son did give her so much pain. Everybody looks on. Bhoomi says she will look after baa and asks Parul to feed food to papa. Hasmukh taunts Parul saying why her husband is acting. Ramila says even Kishan didn’t come for breakfast.

Hasmukh says even he may wants to do the breakfast in his room. Bhoomi replies he went to his lawyer friend to get the solution for this problem. Hasmukh says he will not agree to this. Hasmukh says he is pretending. Mayank pretends to read in the paper and says brother back stab brother and says it is getting too much and you may get this in return, so control. Hasmukh says he will control him.

Ansubaa takes food from Parul’s hand and says she will go and feed Karsan and says she is firstly Karsan’s mother and later Ansubaa Vaishnav. She comes to Karsan and asks him to have food. He says he cant till the mill is open again. Ansubaa says I knew you are innocent, I read in your eyes. She says we have to be strong enough to face the troubles.
Karsan asks did Baa had anything. Parul says no. Parul informs him that Kishan went to the lawyer and he will solve this problem. she says he is determined and he will do it. Ansubaa feeds Karsayi and they smiles teary eyed.

In the kitchen, Ketki says Kishan can do nothing and mill went from their hands. Bhoomi says mill will be start and even Maha ayogan and no need to accept the defeat. Lily fayi says may be someone ha casted evil eye on them and their happiness is ruined. Ketki says her mother said that if anyone comes to the house and whose kundli if dont match with the family then this things happened. She says may be because of the new bahu kundli not matching with us. She asks Bhoomi whether she and Kishan had match Kundli or not before marriage. Bhoomi nods no. Ketki says oh, it is happening because of that. She says new bahu entered our home and bad things happening.

Parul scolds ketki and says we had suffer huge losses after your marriage but we never accused you. Ketki says she is saying how will Bhoomi prove that she is kalyani. Parul says it will be decided by Dwarkhadeesh. Ramila and Lily fayi looks on. Parul says we have to hold on the family. Bhoomi says she knew when two people unite to become one then nothing bad can happen and she says mill is ours and we will get it. Ramila says it seems everything will be fine.

Hasmukh takes Mayank to the room and asks him to tell whatever he wants straightaway. Mayank laughs and says he knows much about his doings. Hasmukh tries to bribe him and says if he stays silent then it is will good.

Ansubaa and Karsan are talking in the hall and Ansubaa says what she is will reply to the labourers of the mill. Hasmukh comes and taunts that Karsan will answer to the labourers. Kishan comes with the lawyer and says no need to give answers and only justice will be done. He introduces his lawyer friend to baa and says he got a good news with him. Kishan says he is kamlesh kaka son and as you knows dadaji always kept document’s original with Kamlesh kaka and we have mill original papers with other papers. Everybody is happy to no end. Hasmukh is shocked.

Kishan says the papers which they got from bank and which got stolen are true copies of the original. And original mill papers are with us. Mayank and Hasmukh again shocked. Ansubaa says it is truth. Kishan says yes. Kishan says these are the original papers and the papers which Amritlal have is just the copies. He asks Bhoomi to prepare for the ayogan. Everybody happy. Kishan asks Hasmukh to distribute the cards as they have little time left. Kishan says he will go to the court and relieve the stay order on the mill and also give the good news to the Amritlal. Kishan and his lawyer friend Neeraj leaves. Ansubaa asks Parul to keep sweets for Dwarkhadeesh and says Kishan did return her breath. Bhoomi, Karsan and Parul smiles. Ketki is irked. Hasmukh thinks he is finished. The Episode ends on his fearful face.

Kishan stops Amritlal hand and says this kid will take revenge for all the tears, pain and troubles which you give to my family. He says Amritlal now you will see this Kishan’s leela.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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